Friday, December 14, 2012

Where I've Been On The Internet Today

Took part in Carolyn Hax's online chat this afternoon. Someone posted, "...I pride myself on being a person that doesn't get emotional and can logically work through any problems that life throws at me. But I have no idea how to get through my current situation. My Dad is dealing with serious health issues that his doctors haven't been able to diagnose yet (but they have mentioned ALS as a possibility), my Mom (divorced from my Dad) is bipolar and suffering from major anxiety to the point she can't travel for the holidays and my Grandmother is currently recovering from cancer surgery. I have no idea how to help my family members deal with their health problems and I'm scared of how helpless I feel. Any recommendations for support groups or advice to help me get through things one day at a time?..."

I posted a response that actually got used towards the end. "Hopefully it doesn't come to this, but if Dad does have ALS, the daughter should contact a local hospice in her area and ask if she can be a part of their grief counseling sessions. They might be able to help her, and it would include a local clergy member and a social worker..."

I get so busy and involved with some of our own hospice patients that sometimes I forget there are support groups out there for so many different illnesses, which it was a good thing Carolyn pointed it out.

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