Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration from Another Blog

I was trolling around Craftster today and through a posting there, I stumbled across this blog, Red Fork State of Mind. I liked her January 15th entry and I decided to swipe the idea of it and have my own version of it here, since I'm feeling dried up, mentally speaking.

For today…
Outside my window… looking down on the neighbor's house and yard in the dark, although the window is blocked for the time being by Jason Vorhees.
I am thinking… I'm really looking forward to spring, even though our Virginia winter has been extremely mild so far, because Mother Nature can't make up her mind as to what to do. My fall sinuses have been killing me but I know that will stop when spring comes.
From the workplace… It's still going to be a busy week for work so I can't scoot the rest of this week. I'll have to drive.
I am thankful for…Our two new kitchen cabinets above the refrigerator. We bought them at Home Depot and my husband hung them for us. Extra storage space! And they match the stock cabinets we already have.
From the kitchen… The leftover ham from Christmas that I took out of the freezer this morning before work, and some kind of veggies for supper.
I am wearing… long black moleskin skirt from my mom from years ago, an orange and burgundy striped sweater from the clearance rack at Kohl's from my birthday, and the boots I wore with my Jedi costume.
I am reading… I just finished the graphic novel of N by Stephen King. I've got a John Grisham Christmas novel in my backpack to start next.
I am hoping… to finish the second part of my 80's Cartoon Swap project on Craftster this week to get it sent out no later than Saturday morning.
I am creating… I've got 2 crochet blanket projects I'm working on: 1 that I need more yarn for and am feeling lazy about, and 1 that was supposed to be for my mom for her birthday in March. I'm liking the color combination so much that I might keep it for myself! :)

Around the house… I still have a bunch of my laundry hanging up in the laundry room that needs to be out away from last weekend!
One of my favorite things… sleeping in on the weekends when my dog lets me.
few plans for the rest of the week… going to see a couple of patients in our hospice this week, and seeing the Sherlock Holmes sequel, getting some Skinny Dip frozen yogurt over the weekend.