Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showing Some Love for the Crafty People

In looking up some good sites for advice on making some Jedi accessories, I came across It's known as the definitive Boba Fett costume resource. This entry really tickled me: making a baby's onsie into Boba Fett armor.

Step 1
Find a baby. This was easy for me because my wife just had this one on January 1st, 2008. Hooray for us!
Step 7
Wash and wear, applying Star Wars nerd stigma to your child, well before he has any say in the matter. The look on his face in the last pic says it all.

No joke, here's a picture of said baby in his new armor.

I love the look on his face. It's like he's all upset over having to wear the Boba Fett armor. "Nooooooooooooo! I wanna be a Stormtrooper! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Latest Swap From Craftster, From My Partner

Really, this post should be called "The Latest Swap, Part 2," since it's about the goodies from Humbolt Cherry.

Uber-geek that I am, I mentioned liking Spider-Man, The Super Friends (a watered down version of the Justice League) and probably He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. But my heart will always belong to Spidey. I received a Spidey Pez dispenser (that candy didn't last long!), Pop Rocks, a water bottle, toothbrush with cover, a little flip book, and a puzzle. I think my niece will enjoy the book and puzzle. I'll be nice and share with her.

And the package of goodies also included a painted wooden sign with Spidey, Batman and Wondy's logos on it. But the piece de resistance...a small Spidey wall quilt hanging, with Spidey actually embroidered on. LOVE IT!

Latest Swap From Craftster, From Me

Another successful swap done and over with. This time, it was the 80's Cartoon Swap, Round 3, at Craftster (where else?). My partner, Humboltcherry, liked the Tom & Jerry cartoon of the 80's. So I worked on two items for her. She just got her package the other day, so I can post this now.

Humboltcherry said her favorite colors were red, yellow and orange. I decided to do a little bit of an Andy Warhol treatment to Tom here. I used Lime Riot's Felt Embroidery Tutorial to guide me through this project.

Since I obviously like to crochet, I wanted to make a crocheted Tom for her. This is actually Tom v.1. I decided I didn't like his head, so I dismembered him in the name of Craftster.

These two photos are of Tom v.2.0 in his finished glory, and even though I didn't make him for myself, I needed to be happy with him. When I bought the grey yarn for him, I KNOW I bought two skeins. Luckily, I only needed one because that's all I could find at the house. I'm pretty sure the cat ran away with the other skein. Tom is about 21" tall and was made with an I sized hook. I didn't write down the pattern for him, because he's a combination of Muno (for the armpits), Hobbes (for the construction and the white belly), and mostly Amineko (for the rest of him).

He's made out of 1 full skein (and no leftovers) of Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy in Silver Heather (#155); part of a skein of Caron white; a small amount of pink yarn; some beige, white, black and red felt; green embroidery thread around the eyes for added color; leftover rainbow ribbon (from the Jim Henson swap) for his collar; a Christmas bell; and FiberFill.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let Down By a Recipe

I was bummed out this morning that the recipe I wanted to make for breakfast didn't work out, because it sounded so good. However, I think it still sounds good enough that I'm willing to share it.

Baked Egg in an Avocado

I made sure to buy avocados last night that were already ripe so they should have baked better.

• Preheat oven to 425, have cast iron pan in there (I was going to use glass because I don't have anything in cast iron).
• Slice avocado in half, take out pit.
• Take pan out, put avocado half on, crack egg in. (This is where my problems happened. I usually always buy jumbo eggs at the grocery store because they are the cheapest of all the sizes. One of those eggs overflowed half of an avocado, by quite a bit. So much so that I'm not even sure if a regular, normal sized egg would fit in there. It's just too much egg to bake.)
• Put whatever you want on top.
• Place in oven and cook till your eggs desire.

So I dumped the rest of the egg out of the avocado into a pan and cooked it like that and had the avocado on the side. It was still good but not what I wanted.