Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thinking Back on an Older Project

We've got blooming flowers here, so I decided to hang my spring wreath on the front door on Thursday.

I made this on June 25, 2009 with stuff I bought from A.C. Moore and Michael's. It seems strange that I would remember that date, but I do and I know it's correct.

I had just gotten home with my stuff to start working on this. I knew Farrah Fawcett had just passed away. My friend Michelle called me and asked if I heard the news yet. I thought she was talking about Farrah and she said nope. Michael Jackson had just died at that point.

It's kind of weird that I think about Michael Jackson when I look at this wreath.

Sharing Some Love For the Scooter People

I've forgotten how I stumbled across the Reinventing Wheels blog recently. It's written by dgiammet, a guy in Sydney, Australia. "When a product leaves the manufacturing plant, it starts a journey. Like humans, we all start from the same place and end up in very different places, in-between the start and the end is the story. Reinventing gives items another chance..."

He's got some really creative ideas, like turning an old camera into an electric nightlight. But the two projects I saw that made me fall in love are scooter related: Reinventing a Vespa and Reinventing a Vespa PART II.

You need to check this blog out. I won't spoil it with any pictures here, but dgiammet is a true artist, conceptually and environmentally speaking, but he has the technical know-how to make these kinds of projects function and look good, all at the same time.

Working on a Partial Baby Gift

I  found out from my husband that we have a baby shower (one of his co-workers) to go to tomorrow afternoon at Gordon Biersch in Virginia Beach. I've never been there yet so I'm looking forward to that part.

We're going to stop at Target before hand to pick up some giftie things, but I said that I'd have enough time to probably whip out 1 or 2 little hats. Shane said if that was the case, then I needed to make a NY Giants themed hat, because that's his co-worker's football team.

It ended up turning out pretty nice.

As usual, I used my go-to baby hat pattern by SLK Designs. the only difference is that the last two rows of DC are in white, and then I have 1 row of white SC. I crocheted a column of red HDC and whipstitched that to the hat, and then folded the little white brim up.

It's all made from Lion Brand 1 Pounder yarn, just regular old acrylic stuff, on an I sized hook. It looks a little large to me for a newborn though. I think I might make one more simple little hat tomorrow morning with a smaller hook.

To go with it, I'm recycling a purple gift bag that had a gift in it for my birthday last year, and have a card already made for them. I don't know if they are having a boy or a girl, so I'm trying to keep other parts of the gift gender-neutral.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling Crafty in the Bathroom

That sounds so wrong, doesn't it?

We moved into our house in 2002. It was built in either 1940 or '41. Off hand, I don't remember. I think the bathroom may have been remodeled once. One of the things done to it was to put the same white plastic tiles that are on the upper part of the bathroom walls onto the top of the toilet tank. I didn't take pictures of it, because it was pretty gross, right from the get-go. It also had, at one point, wallpaper on the underside of the toilet tank lid (???) that was black and white with drawings of rubenesque women on it, in a kind of Raphael-esque-style. I suppose that was probably done to make the lid reversible or something.

Yeah, we had chubby naked chicks on the toilet tank lid.

Over the years, I've picked away at the wallpaper and tiles. I covered the top with some kind of purple, Mardi Gras-theme with a fleur de lis print wallpaper. After awhile, I just threw a folded hand towel over it to keep it covered when I got sick of that print.

But a few days ago, I had inspiration strike and I don't know why. Remember the Asian newspapers I had? I decided I wanted to use those in the bathroom. I thought about wallpapering the cabinet with them, but I didn't think it was smart to tackle that much space so I did a smaller project with them. I covered the top and sides of the toilet tank lid with those newspapers and some Mod-Podge.

To cover up the folds of the newspaper around the sides, I used some Aleene's New Sew Glue to attach some black satin ribbon from Hancock's all the way around the tank lid. It also matches the trim in the bathroom already.

Just for the sake of breaking up the print, I printed out some vintage Asian postage stamps (some were cancelled when they had been photographed) and laid those on top of the newspaper as well. I tried to stick to warm toned stamps, but I really liked that blue one.
I had a good time with this little project. It's only 2-3 layers of Mod-Podge total. It's nice and slick. Right now, I've got my little make-up basket on the back of the toilet, along with some of my husband's shaving things and a little candle. It's kind of an odd, out of place thing in the bathroom, but it's visually interesting, at least to me anyway, and it's going to be easier to keep clean than regular wallpaper was.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Stolen Blog Entry

Last month, I was feeling a little mentally stunted, so I swiped an entry from another blog and made it my own. I'm feeling a little stunted and burned out again, so today's blog entry idea comes from Hattivatti. Like me, Hattivatti is a fan of the Doctor, and a lot of the posts talk about the soundtracks and episodes.

I SAW:: a couple of Doctor Who webcasts on YouTube.
I HEARD :: Queen's first two albums, Queen (1973) and Queen II (1974).
I READ :: 11/23/63 by Stephen King last week. Started Jane Slayre today.
I ATE :: leftover spaghetti
I DRANK :: Wild Berry Unsweet Tea from Wendy's
I THOUGHT :: about our female bearded dragon that died on Sunday
I LIKED :: the way my dog cried and whined for his walk tonight
I DISLIKED :: all the driving I'm doing for work today and tomorrow
I PLANNED : my schedule for tomorrow for my husband's re-enlistment
I BOUGHT :: 2 skeins of yarn, both of them 1pounders, for two separate blankets that are each a work in process

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Got One Little Thing Finished

I just FINALLY got around to lengthening the pants to my Jedi costume. Yeah, that one...the one from October last year. :) It sounds a little weird, but I'm still planning on trying to join the Rebel Legion this spring, so I need to finish the detail work on my costume. I added six inches to the length of the pants.

When I made them last year, the pants ended right above the tops of the boots, because I had been lazy and just eyeballed them.

The next step, to made a Jedi communicator and order some food tablets. After that, the proper belt and make a cloak! Then, it's off to some other planet looking environment for Hubby to take some pictures of me in my geek-finery!

Also, I decided my cat needed more mental stimulation. I made her a foraging toy last weekend, after learning about them on Cats 101 on Animal Planet. It's a Vitamin Water bottle, filled with food and a hole cut out so the food can fall out when she hits it around.

That is, if she would even friggin' TOUCH THE DAMN THING. It's still laying up here in the same spot as it was in when I gave it to her. I batted it around in front of her so she could see the food falling out. I'd give the food to her, she'd eat it, and I thought everything was good.

Yeah right. She could care less. She actually left the comfort of my computer chair a few minutes ago and went downstairs. I think the sewing machine was making it hard to nap.

Poor devil.