Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Friend, Bob

This is my friend, Bob Perkins.

I've been fortunate enough to know Bob from when we both worked at Operation Smile (while he no longer works there, Bob still volunteers there). I've known Bob for about nine years. He and my husband ride motorcycles together in the local American Legion Riders group. He was a part of my husband's pinning ceremony when my husband made Chief two years ago. Bob collects teddy bears (well, other people collect the teddy bears for him). I love Bob Perkins. He's the kind of guy you'd want as a dad.

This video was recently made to showcase the caliber of some of their volunteers.

I'm proud to know him.

I  love you, Bob!!!

Mom's Blanket is Finished

My estimate of the 6' length does not include the 4" tassels on the ends.

This is the blanket I finished for my mom: it's the Woven Warmth Throw from Lion Brand's booklet, Crocheted Throws, which is available on Amazon. This pattern is marked as easy (rating a 2 out of 4 for ease) and was created by Michele Maks Thompson.

Typically, I wouldn't buy a pattern book for blankets, but my mom actually picked this up for me a few years ago. There are some really nice patterns in here for all crochet talent levels, so it would be worth getting.

My only change from this pattern is in the finishing. The pattern calls for 70" lengths of yarn to be woven in and out of the widest (DC) rows, not the thin (SC) rows. The lengths are doubled and woven to go in and out of 2 DC's at a time. I started doing this with a light yellow yarn in the Pastel Yellow rows first. I didn't like this. I guess my tension was off, because my woven yarn lengths looked puckered and tight, and nothing like they do in the finished pattern.

BTW, the pattern calls for only three colors of yarn, so you can easily see another change I made right there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Almost Done With Another Blanket

I'm just about done with another blanket. This one should be done tonight with a picture to follow then. It's just a regular SC/DC crochet pattern from a Lion Brand book I've had for awhile.

I actually started this in time for Mother's Day, with the idea that I'd give it to her then. But my mom is a sewer and admitted to me one time that she doesn't care much for homemade gifts, so I didn't give this to her. In fact, I started taking my time with it, working on it when I didn't have anything else to do, in front of the tv. It turned into a stashbuster project as well. I thought I'd keep it for myself. Well, up until yesterday, I thought that.

I was talking to my mom last night on the phone. She's starting chemo again on Wednesday this week: 1 round every 3 weeks for 3 rounds. Her uterine cancer spread again, this time into her liver. My grandma had liver cancer and she died from it. Grandma was 63. My mom is only 59.

Anyway, Mom mentioned how cold she's been lately because she's not feeling good, very tired and weak, which is not like her. So I told her that in about a week, she'd be getting a package from me: a new blanket that I made. She liked that idea and said she can use it at home on the couch, or maybe she'd take it with her to her treatments. I told her it's a good size but still it would be easy to travel with (I estimate it to be about 6'x4'). So as of last night, I realized it was time to get cracking on this thing. All I have left to do is finish the tassels on this.

Since it's a stashbuster, here's what it's made out of, on a J sized crochet hook:
--2 skeins of Poems 100% wool in #588--Love love LOVE this yarn
--Half skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Cornmeal (#0220)--"Cornmeal" is just about the perfect name for this color
--3 skeins of Plymouth Yarn in Boku (#17)--Really enjoy the texture of the Plymouth and Ella Rae yarns: the Plymouth is a sturdy, strong yarn while the Ella Rae ends up, finished, much prettier than you think that texture would work
--2 skeins of Plymouth Yarn in Vizions (#103)
--2 skeins of Ella Rae yarn in #204
--1 skein of Tartelette yarn in #731--A fun ribbon yarn that ended up being a variegated yarn and I didn't realize it when I bought it
--2 skeins of Berroco yarn in #2816
--partial Lion Brand one pounder in Denim (#110)
--partial Lion Brand one pounder in Pastel Yellow (#157)--This is the same yarn I used for my minions.

I was thinking about making this for Mom instead, when I saw this pattern online a few days ago, but the whole time I was thinking she'd prefer the blanket instead. I guess I'll save the shawl pattern for me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Meeting" People Online

I've had the chance to email and briefly "meet" some nice people online since starting this little blog.  I love it when we share projects with each other.

My latest new online friend is Patty Larson, who recently emailed me for the Steelers blanket pattern I found in 2010. She wanted it to make for a family member, and in return for sharing the pattern with her, she sent me a photo of a Steelers blanket she came up with.

Seriously, how cool is this design! It's Steelers, it's original and its almost kind of retro. Really loving this one! 
Patty wrote, "Last year I made a simple king size afghan using a striped pattern. It went over so well that I had a request from her sibling to make another only different."

I like the fact that I can still "meet" and talk to people online without Facebook. :)