Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Day of Thrifting

The stove we bought two years ago has such a killer broiler on it that I can't use glass to broil. I've actually had glass dishes crack clean in two in this stove while using the broiler and I'm tired of having to replace them. I finally got wise...I headed over to the thrift store today to pick one up.

I got a 8"x8" brown glass Pyrex casserole dish for $4.99. This is definitely the way to go. Amazon prices these anywhere between $10-$38!

The store was really busy because today was the day they were changing out for seasonal clothes. I also picked up an assortment of pants, because I just realized that almost all of my pants are black! Since, like a dumbass as I've proven in the past, I didn't try anything on, two of the pants I bought are too small. However, I love the fabric, so I'm going to turn them into skirts somehow. And one pair was too short with not enough fabric in the hem, so I'm going to turn those (and one pair of my own black pants) into capris.

But the find of the day was this jacket: it was a $20 London Fog jacket. I think it might be vintage but it wasn't with the vintage clothes. The reason I think it might be vintage is because of the shoulder pads. Fortunately, they are small and thin. Unfortunately, they are sewn in securely, in between the lining the shell. Those suckers aren't coming out.

I don't have a nice non-denim jacket to wear so I was thinking about one anyway. Amazon had a similar jacket going for $157-$225. I don't believe this is the exact same one, but it's damn close.

This is what happens when the thrift store puts new seasonal clothing right where the check out line is! I saw the lighter jackets, went right for the red ones for some reason (didn't like any of the khaki short jackets), tried it on in line and snagged it. After washing it, I also ironed it, and I never iron my clothes!