Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick Nurses

Even with giving out flu shots, the flu is starting to run rampant through the home health agency.

We have a nurse who missed two days of work, because of being sick. She looks like hell and is still sick. Guess who rolled into work today, to go see patients? This is a different nurse from the last time.

If I had a visiting nurse come to my house, and she looks sicker than me, I'm going to stop her ass at the door and send her away. Then I'm going to call the agency she came from, ask them why they thought it was okay to send out a sick nurse, cancel their services, and find another agency to go through.

For Christ's sake, we are dealing with HOSPICE patients who already have weakened immune systems. This is serious. Last year, we had a cancer patient who got pneumonia from her own sickass mother and DIED in the hospital from it.

There is so little common sense in this place, it's just mind boggling.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Glutton For Punishment

You'd think I would have learned my lesson.

In April, I had an interview for a dream job, and I didn't get it. That was the start of my sadness over being stuck in a dead-end job. And I'm still in that miserable job. And it's getting worse. Most days, I'm in a foul mood as soon as I hit the door here. I want to sit at my desk and cry. I dream about just dropping my ID badge off with HR, telling them I quit, and just roll out of this bitch for greener pastures, no notice given.

Like an optimistic fool, when I saw that SAME PLACE was advertising that SAME JOB AGAIN, I reapplied for it. I had more time and experience under my belt. I had to be the only choice for this job. I sent a thank you letter. I even followed up with them at the appointed time, after Christmas. Of course, no one answered the phone so I had to leave a polite and enthusiastic voice mail.


They fucking blew me off AGAIN. Not so much as a "No thank you," "Screw you," "Stop bothering us," "You suck," NOTHING.

I don't know why I keep putting myself through this.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Call From Nicole the Knitter

Nicole the knitter left a voice mail for me tonight, and all she said was, "I just wanted to call you and tell you about a sign I saw today. It said, 'Do you need to exercise? How about a walk with Jesus?'"

I texted her back. "I prefer to Jazzercise with Jesus. And water aerobics with Satan. It's a full work out. When Satan's not available, I switch it up to tap dancing with Muhammad."

It made me laugh, but I'm probably going to hell for it. I was in an exceptionally good mood tonight:
  • I thought I was going to an interview for a job in Virginia Beach this afternoon, but it turned out to be a meeting with a headhunter and she gave me some INCREDIBLE advice on how to redo my resume so she could submit it for the job I had applied for.
  • I got a text message from my sister that said, "Just wanted to tell you the good news...[Mom's] cancer in the liver is completely gone! No more chemo and a recheck in 3 months." 
  • After that bit of greatness, I had a good dinner with Shane, his uncle Zip and our friend Bob at the Azalea Inn.

Happy 2013 to us. Things are looking up from 2012 already.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Craftiness for the Last Couple of Days

What have I accomplished the last few days?

I started going through my card making supplies and made about 20 new cards. I'm trying to make a dent in the stuff I have so it's not so overwhelming. I can make about another 20! In fact, I even posted in my Craftster signature that I'm looking to do some personal paper swaps to get some different goodies.

I fixed a favorite shirt from the thrift store from this summer. It's a pink striped, short sleeved shirt with a collar, and it's the perfect length. Somehow, I got what looks like small oil or grease stains on the middle and bottom. I raided my stash and found some rose, butterfly and hummingbird iron on appliques, and put them on the shirt tonight. They cover the tiny stains perfectly.

I dug out an extra snap to put on the blue sweater I crocheted for myself recently. It just needs one more snap and it's perfect then. I've worn it once since finishing it, and I've actually gotten some compliments on it. Yay me!

I tried doing a small hat project from Craftster. You can make tiny top hats from toilet or paper towel tubes, a cereal-type box and glue. I made two of them, and even got them painted, but I wasn't really happy with how they turned out. I think the tissue paper pieces I used were too big. so  the hats took on kind of a wrinkled, worn look to them. Plus, when I curved the brims of the hats, I think they looked uneven. That's okay though, because I didn't spend any money on this project...I had everything I needed anyway. (They were super cute little hats through...kind of made me think of steampunk, and I thought a couple of them sitting around the house would make for a neat little conversation piece.)

I tried making a My Little Pony the other night, but it wasn't turning out. I think I need to make it larger than I planned. Plus, like with the hats, I think I was distracted by all the other crap I had going on, so I need to finish a few other projects first.

One of those projects being the Doctor Who scarf. I'm done with the actual crochet part and I have the tassels done on one end. I need to finish the other end, clip all the loose ends, and put on some patches. The picture to the left was the only one I could find that showed the patches. I originally planned on hitting the thrift store to see if I could find a men's vest or tie in that plaid, kind of Burberry plaid kind of look.

However, since I'm in the mood to sort and clean (see the cardmaking supplies thing up top), I'm going to raid my stash and see if I have anything that will work just as well. I'm not going for a perfect reproduction of the fourth Doctor's scarf, just something that would suit me if I had been the fourth Doctor. :)

Happy New Year!

I was checking out my usual daily blogs and websites when I stopped at EPBOT. Jen had a link to a My Little Pony generator on Deviant Art.

I'm not actually a brony or even the slightest MLP fan (I liked them well enough when I was a kid, though), but I like these little generators and decided to give it a whirl.

Unfortunately, the library background I had chosen didn't get saved with my pony version, but if I were a MLP, here is what I would look like.

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

I Thought of Two Favorite Things For This Year

I finally thought of two favorite things to post this year:
  • the strawberry rhubarb Private Selection Pie Filling from Kroger. I haven't used it as pie filling yet, because I like it as jelly for my toast. It reminds me of the jelly that my mom made when I was a kid.
  • Prima Flowers in the Botanical Mix: I got these from AC Moore on a whim and just LOVE them. They are paper flowers. Some are printed and some are solid colors, and they come in all different sizes. If you get the right colors and shapes going in a layer, they are so cute on cards and in scrapbooks.