Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Call From Nicole the Knitter

Nicole the knitter left a voice mail for me tonight, and all she said was, "I just wanted to call you and tell you about a sign I saw today. It said, 'Do you need to exercise? How about a walk with Jesus?'"

I texted her back. "I prefer to Jazzercise with Jesus. And water aerobics with Satan. It's a full work out. When Satan's not available, I switch it up to tap dancing with Muhammad."

It made me laugh, but I'm probably going to hell for it. I was in an exceptionally good mood tonight:
  • I thought I was going to an interview for a job in Virginia Beach this afternoon, but it turned out to be a meeting with a headhunter and she gave me some INCREDIBLE advice on how to redo my resume so she could submit it for the job I had applied for.
  • I got a text message from my sister that said, "Just wanted to tell you the good news...[Mom's] cancer in the liver is completely gone! No more chemo and a recheck in 3 months." 
  • After that bit of greatness, I had a good dinner with Shane, his uncle Zip and our friend Bob at the Azalea Inn.

Happy 2013 to us. Things are looking up from 2012 already.

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