Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Glutton For Punishment

You'd think I would have learned my lesson.

In April, I had an interview for a dream job, and I didn't get it. That was the start of my sadness over being stuck in a dead-end job. And I'm still in that miserable job. And it's getting worse. Most days, I'm in a foul mood as soon as I hit the door here. I want to sit at my desk and cry. I dream about just dropping my ID badge off with HR, telling them I quit, and just roll out of this bitch for greener pastures, no notice given.

Like an optimistic fool, when I saw that SAME PLACE was advertising that SAME JOB AGAIN, I reapplied for it. I had more time and experience under my belt. I had to be the only choice for this job. I sent a thank you letter. I even followed up with them at the appointed time, after Christmas. Of course, no one answered the phone so I had to leave a polite and enthusiastic voice mail.


They fucking blew me off AGAIN. Not so much as a "No thank you," "Screw you," "Stop bothering us," "You suck," NOTHING.

I don't know why I keep putting myself through this.

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