Friday, January 4, 2013

Sick Nurses

Even with giving out flu shots, the flu is starting to run rampant through the home health agency.

We have a nurse who missed two days of work, because of being sick. She looks like hell and is still sick. Guess who rolled into work today, to go see patients? This is a different nurse from the last time.

If I had a visiting nurse come to my house, and she looks sicker than me, I'm going to stop her ass at the door and send her away. Then I'm going to call the agency she came from, ask them why they thought it was okay to send out a sick nurse, cancel their services, and find another agency to go through.

For Christ's sake, we are dealing with HOSPICE patients who already have weakened immune systems. This is serious. Last year, we had a cancer patient who got pneumonia from her own sickass mother and DIED in the hospital from it.

There is so little common sense in this place, it's just mind boggling.

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  1. Influenza A is running rampant thru my work place. I have been lucky enough to not get it yet and guess what?? I didn't get the flu shot. I don't believe in them. Everyone so far that has gotten the flu has received the shot....hmmmm?????? BTW thanks for offering to make the hat. I will send the link to you soon.