Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Mini Quilts

These two mini quilts are ones I received in swaps on Craftster. I've had these hanging in my crafting room for some time and decided I needed to post a picture of them. I'm on a cleaning frenzy today, nothing else to do because of the 2" of snow we got here in Virginia (the'd think the entire region was SHUT DOWN!!!!), so I might as well do something constructive.

The Spider-Man one came from the 80's Cartoon Swap, Round 2, in 2011. A mini quilt wasn't required, but my partner, Homboltcherry, is a quilter. :) For her, I sent an Andy Warhol-esqe hoop of Tom the cat and a crocheted Tom to go along with.

The R2-D2 one came from the Mini Art Quilt Swap in 2012. My partner, StickerChic87, and I both listed ourselves as beginner quilters. :) I wouldn't call a quilt of an astromech droid beginner anything! :)

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