Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing Foofa v2.0

Foofa v2.0 has been finished and she is on her way to my niece. This time, I included a note that said if she needs to be washed again, wash her in a knotted pillow case to protect her.

She is made out of a remnant of pink polar fleece from Hanock's. I really wanted to make her out of something softer so that she would be kind of squishy again, like the original toy. I found a great long sleeved pink t-shirt at the thrift store that I intended to use, but it was fine enough that it was being pushed into my sewing machine by the needle. The fabric couldn't advance.

That's when I got the fleece. She's an even 24" long. I wish I had made her arms and legs thicker. To me, these look a little twiggy.

However, I am happy with the fact that I didn't just sew a front and back together. After cutting out those pieces, I cut out two more strips and used those to make the sides and give her some thickness. The original Foofa was just a front and back.

I used slightly more than one throw pillow for the stuffing. I feel like I overstuffed the body, but I kept going back and looking at the picture of the original toy I made.

Like before, the face is painted on. Her collar is a length of red ribbon with a running stitch on one edge that I pulled tight to get a ruffled appearance. The ends are sewed together on the back.

The flower on top of her head is two pieces of felt, sewn together and then sewn to the doll itself.

I don't believe for a second that my niece will accept this toy right away as her original Foofa. Even my sister knows her daughter won't fall for it. I suggested that when Foofa arrives that she tells her daughter that Foofa grew when she was "in the hospital."

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