Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scenes From Around Norfolk and More Random Dumbness in Public

My husband's cousin and her boyfriend are visiting us this weekend. Here's a few pictures that I enjoyed from our sight-seeing with them.

The Battleship Wisconsin at the Nauticus in downtown Norfolk.

These next three pictures made me think of Spider-Man. I could totally see a late 1970's/early 1980's Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man webslinging among these buildings, for some reason.

But before checking out the Wisconsin, the four of us stopped at Doumar's

Doumar's is the original drive-up/diner. It's like what Sonic could have possibly started out as. This is a landmark/staple of Norfolk restaurants. "In 1907, Abe Doumar's first Ice Cream Cone Stand inNorfolk was in Ocean View Amusement Park. John Doumarran Doumar's first soda fountain in the historic Wells Theater, downtown Norfolk. In 1934, George moved the business to our current location due to a hurricane. Albert and his brother Vic Doumarmanaged the current location for many years. Today, Albert still bakes cones on the original cone machine (times vary but usually between 9am-10:30am Monday through Saturday; and is ably assisted by Thad & Randy  --still serving it up with the family's traditional excellence."

Everytime we have guests visiting us from of town, we take them to Doumar's. Today, it was busier than I've ever seen it. It was cold outside and standing room (barely) only inside. We were sitting at the counter and I was right on the curve, which was no big deal. But it was so crowded from more and more people pouring in, that I kept getting bumped by one woman in particular. The weird thing about it is that she kept giving me dirty looks when I'd look back to see who was bumping me and why. I didn't say anything or give her a dirty look...I was just looking.

Anyway, a small 2-person booth opened up behind us. Hipster Guy took it and was presumably waiting for someone to join him, because he was texting someone while he waited. Shortly. Hipster Girl Wanna Be showed up.

Now, remember, this place is extremely busy with the Saturday lunch rush. There is no extra room. The dining room is full. The parking lot is full. The kitchen is sending out fries and burgers as fast as they can.

Our waitress was the same woman to take Hipster Couple's order.

Hipster Guy didn't want anything.

What did Hipster Girl Wanna Be order? A coffee and a water. 

That was all. Nothing else.

The waitress looked like she wanted to snap her pen in half. I happened to be turned around to leave and saw this take place. "That' want?" the waitress asked.

"Uh, yeah," Hipster Girl Wanna Be answered, with an unspoken "Duh," added to her tone for good measure. It was like, what else could she think I'd want? GAWWWWWWWWWWWD!

The waitress, gotta give this woman credit, just turned without saying a word to go back behind the counter.

So as busy as this place is, Hipster Couple needed to come to Doumar's for a coffee and a water. A place known for it's shakes and homemade cones. Too bad there isn't a place like Starbucks in Norfolk where people could go for coffee.

< /sarcasm>

BTW, Starbucks' website found me 10 locations in Norfolk, alone. There's also a Borjos in Norfolk, which I think has better coffee than Starbucks. But what do I know? I'm not a hipster.

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