Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time For Another Edition Of...

...Random Dumbness At Work!!!!! 

It's been a little while since I've had anything truly dumb to post about, but I finally have something.

One of the "responsibilities" given to me is to cover the front desk for the receptionist I didn't take this job to be the part time receptionist, but I digress.

I got a call today from a woman looking for the exact cost breakdown for putting someone on service with us for home health care, and telling me who she has for insurance. Our billings manager was out sick today, so I told her that I couldn't answer her question but I could take her name and number for the manager to call her back tomorrow.

Of course, it was an emergency. 

She insisted that I tell her the cost. I again said I couldn't because I didn't know. I could either take her name and number for a callback, or she could talk to the intake nurse to see if she knew anything, but in my opinion, she'd be better off waiting for the billings manager to call her back.

Then she told me she couldn't wait because....wait for it....she was pregnant and couldn't stay on the phone.


She called ME, and when she couldn't get what she wanted, then she whips out the "I'm pregnant" card??? I'm sorry but was the phone signal somehow connected to her uterus? Did the fetus need to use the phone? If she got a second call while on the phone, would she have a contraction instead of a waiting beep?

So, again, I repeated her options. She got mad and decided to talk to a nurse that wouldn't be able to tell her what she wanted to know in the first place.

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