Saturday, April 20, 2013

Made a Couple Chemo Caps

Since Mom found out her liver cancer came back, I told her I'd make her a couple of new caps, since she's going to do chemo again. I think she was a little bummed out, because her hair had just started to grow back in from the last chemo sessions.

The hard thing for me is making the hats small enough. For me, I have hair so I need a larger hat. When I made two of the Urban Chic hats last year, one for Mom and one for my now three year old niece, the one I made for Mom was a little too big and the one I made for Eden fit Mom perfectly.

So I tried a new pattern, Soley Granny Squares Hat by Crafty Christina. These were both made with G sized hooks.

This one fits me so it's going to be too big for Mom. I'm still going to send it, in case Eden would like to have it.

This one looks too small to me, for an adult anyway, so I think this one will fit Mom.
I'm going to take another crack at another pattern and see what I can come up with for her.

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