Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Photos of the Bench

A few more photos of the bench I'm working on.

A close up of the underside and the straps that the springs were attached to. Nicole took a look at the bench a few days ago and she thinks it's not an original, "antique" piece, but rather a reproduction.

This bench is a weird combination of aspects that, to me, make it seem like it could actually be an original piece that was repaired. Those nail heads actually have four sided "spikes." And there was a couple hundred of those sunk into this bad boy! The straps look authentically old. And there was that odd straw "stuff" on top of the springs.

But then once I got the fabric off from under the bench, I saw these silver supports and modern Phillips head screws. The wood support inside the frame looks newer than the wooden bench itself. How the hell did it get in there??? And all of the white quilting and batting that was under the old looking velvet was pure white still. I was expecting it to be discolored.

But finally, here we have the stripped down bench frame. Because it's got mostly straight lines, I'll be able to hand sand most of it. Since it does have that nice detail work on the back, I'm going to use a stripper or stain remover there, because I don't want to sand away any of the detail in those carvings. I won't have a chance to start sanding until Friday night.

Since Shane's got so much wood in the garage, I'm hoping I can steal some of it for the seat. I'd like to put a new piece of wood on the bottom, as well as on the top where you'd sit. However, I'd like to hinge the top, and make a really shallow (maybe only 3" deep) storage unit in it. Why not take advantage of a little extra space.

Keep in mind, that I've never done anything like this before. I've only read enough websites on refinishing furniture to be dangerous. :) Which is the reason why if I ever got the chance to do a project like this, I didn't want to spend much money on the piece itself. I was figured I'd try to snag something for free from Craigslist. :)

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