Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Star Trek Swap on Craftster

Because I've always been a Trekkie (I've been a "Trekkie" for so long, I'm not even a "Trekker"), I knew I had to participate in the Star Trek Swap V on Craftster.

My partner is RikaHeart, and she's going through some stuff (lung cancer) with her dad that really seems to mirror what I'm going through with my own mom. I didn't know that beforehand. RikaHeart posted that because of her dad's health, that my package might be late and why. My heart goes out to her, because I kind of know where she's coming from.

Anyway, here's what I made for her. The package arrived already today. Data is one of her favorite characters, and she enjoys ST:TNG and ST:V more than the original series (I agree with that). I wanted to try another painting, done in the same vein as my painting of Glenn from The Walking Dead.

I loved the idea of Data playing poker, so I decided to paint Brent Spiner (faceless) as Data getting ready to deal the cards. This is an 8'"x10" painting on a flat canvas. I really wish I had primed it first, because it took a lot of paint to get   rid of the heavy canvas look through the paint.
A set of towels and ST:TNG communicators in felt. I actually did a matching set for myself, but with purple instead of orange. This was the tutorial I used to make the badges.
While shopping for supplies at AC Moore, I came across their t-shirt selection. I decided to make a ST:V uniform t-shirt for RikaHeart and sewed on another (but different) communicator badge. I actually intended to split the red and black t-shirts so we each got a shirt, but I got carried away when cutting the black one, and I didn't have enough of the black shoulders to make the ST:TNG uniform shirt for me. :) I still have the lower red so maybe I'll just go cut up one of my own black shirts.

And here is RikaHeart in her uniform shirt. I used a nice headshot of Captain Janeway to figure out the placement of the badge and how far down to split the front opening.

In all honesty, sewing the two t-shirts together was easier than I expected, with the rough edges and all. However, just so you know...Gildan t-shirts are not all sized the same. The sleeves on a red Gildan XL tee are actually about 1/4" longer than the sleeves on a black Gildan XL tee.

I had a really good time crafting for RikaHeart, and if I'd had more time, who knows what the next project would have been. :) It was actually supposed to be a four point swap: required to craft at least one large or one medium item. The point scale is: Large=3, Medium=2, Small=1. I would guess my rating would have been 2 points for the 2 small communicators, 2 more points for the medium shirt, 2 points for the medium towel set, and probably just 2 more points for the medium painting, putting me at 8 points total for this swap. :)


  1. Great job! I LOVE those towels. :)

  2. Thanks! I completely "stole" the idea for them from the felt communicator badge project. :)