Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's Random Dumbness

I work at a hospice with the volunteers. "Hospices participating in Medicare must comply with numerous regulations. One condition of participation is that 5 percent of all patient care hours at a Medicare-certified hospice be provided by trained volunteers. In addition to the '5 percent rule,' the hospice must utilize volunteers for care and services in accordance with standards set by the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. These standards are designed to ensure a continuing level of effort to use hospice volunteers."

This is pretty straight forward. Our owner decided she wants me to shoot for 5-10 percent, so that we are giving our patients more volunteer hours than what is required. That's pretty straightforward too.

Earlier this year, she asked me what percent we were at. Since I keep a running total on this, I was able to tell her immediately: 11 percent. She actually didn't like this and said, "I only told you to shoot for 5-10 percent. 11 percent is too much."

Uhhh, what?

I just said okay, whatever.

Today, we had an inspection done on our program. We don't have the final report yet, but were told we were doing good and to keep up with what we are doing. At the weekly meeting, the owner went through our positions one by one and said what we've done well for the inspection. She got to me and said that last year, we averaged 12 percent of total patient care from the volunteers and said that was great.

Uhhh, what? So, earlier this year, 11 percent was too much but 12 percent is great?

I'm thinking that conversations like this are why people lose their cool at work and go "postal."

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