Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trying To Do My Nails

I love the look of manicured nails but I can't keep them looking nice long enough to warrant getting tips. I've tried, but I actually set my thumb nail on fire one time lighting a candle. I didn't hurt myself but the burning smell of the nail is what made me realize what I'd done. :)

Because I'm on Craftster so much, I've realized there are people who buy press on nails and then create original mini works of art on them. Since I can't keep my nails looking nice, I decided to try this so I don't have to spend big bucks on a mani.

I started out with Kiss's Everlasting French real short length nails. These nails are still longer than my own real nails. Unfortunately, I've been biting them off again this last year. (I haven't actually put the press on nails on yet...I've got a little yard work I want to accomplish tonight first.)  These nails have the self tabs.

The polishes I used are, from left to right:

  • a brand called SC (probably from Walgreens) in Hottie 831 (a really great quality glitter)--this is the blue
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Deep Purple 08
  • Milani Nail Lacquer in Magenta Metal 13
  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment base and top coat--I wanted a top coat to try and seal the glitter
  • I also used Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Dryer in between the coats (not pictured).
I was able to hold the tabs to get the polish on each nail. I started each nail with first a coat of the magenta and then a coat of the purple. I didn't actually allow the nails to dry in between these coats because I wanted the colors to mix. After one coat of each color, I loaded up the brush with more polish than I'd normally use per nail and let it drip onto the nails, switching back and forth between the colors. The colors didn't mix completely together, but they kind of swirled together. They started to take on a little bit of a metallic marble look.

Once I had the colors set the way I wanted them, I hit them with the nail dryer and let them sit for awhile. Then, I put one coat of the blue glitter on each nail, and then hit them again with the dryer. After sitting for a bit again, the last coat was of the top coat.

I probably won't get these on for a day or two yet, but at least I know I won't smear them because they'll be completely dry by then.

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