Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Got Another Chemo Cap Done

I couldn't get too far along with the oilcloth coin purse tonight, as it needed some glue and it's drying. I was able to get another chemo cap done for my Mom tonight though.

The picture doesn't do the colors justice. It's some unknown yarn from the stash, in light pink and light green boucle.
This pattern is called Loving Georgia Lee Tyler and it's by Christine Marie Way Tyler and John Wesley Tyler.

Mom's cancer has spread far more than we imagined. The outcome will probably not be good, because now, if the chemo works, we are talking survival, as in chemo for the rest of her life to just get by. But there are only three different kinds of chemo the doctor is talking about being left for her.

I feel like this could be my last Mother's Day with a mom to celebrate. I'm doing worst case scenario in my head, every day, trying to prep myself for the inevitable. Mom said at least we know what we're dealing with, and if she can have another 6-12 months to live, she'll take it and be happy.

Me, not so much. It's not enough. We aren't ready for this yet. But really, how can anyone ever be ready for this?

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