Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Did Tonight

Before bed, I

  • Played (and lost) three games of racquetball with my husband
  • Did a little bit of cleaning and started a new bag of stuff to donate to the next thrift store that comes through the neighborhood for pick-ups
  • Fixed a pair of my jeans (dropped the hem and patched a cuff)
  • Patched a cuff on a pair of my husband's jeans (he actually let me)
  • Fixed a garden flag that I love so much because it's a picture of my dog
  • Stuffed one of the pillows from RikaHeart but ran out of stuffing before I could do the second one
  • Sorted through my cards and realized (thanks in part to RikaHeart) that I have loads more cards all made up again for my stash! I even found some I had started but didn't finish.
  • Found two more chemo cap patterns to crochet for my mom before Friday
  • Found directions online to make an oilcloth coin purse tomorrow night

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