Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Did Tonight

  • I started some chili for a chili cook off at my husband's work for tomorrow.
  • Went to my husband's American Legion Riders meeting and got a certificate of appreciation for the photos I take of their rides, from the outgoing director.
  • Killed a spider that was sitting on my sewing box.
  • Re-hemmed and patched another pair of my jeans.
  • Decided that my cat has to go back to the vet again.
  • Finally got around to making that oilcloth coin purse I mentioned a week ago.
I was really bummed out by how the coin purse didn't turn out for me. The oilcloth print was pretty but my sewing machine didn't care much for it. Then, after fighting with it to turn it right side out, I realized I didn't sew the mouth correctly and the clasp that came with it was now too big.

Oh well, time to move onto something else. I really need to finish that Dolce and Gabbanna knock off purse I'm still tinkering with here.


  1. I figure the more I write, maybe I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something with my time.