Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Update From a Cosplayer About a Photog at a Con

I saw this on Cosplaying While Black this morning and thought I should share it here. The posting is from Pixie Belle and I'm running it here in it's entirety, as she wrote it. She recently appeared on the site, and at a con, as Lady Loki (this is a picture of her in costume on a pillow).

"Just thought I’d give a heads up to everyone at the con this year:

"If you got a photo with Image Solutions please read this:

"So since I wanted to talk about this. Apparently if you have ever taken photos with a photographer in image solutions…well…you’re a body pillow now. I found this horrible thing in the dealers room. Apparently it’s legal because it’s a “promotional item”. Since when did promotions gets charged? All I can say is I wasn’t told these were going to be made when I SPECIFICALLY talked to him last year what he was going to do with the photos and I do not approve of it at all. He was selling these in the dealers room of the convention he took them at last year thinking the cosplayers would be okay with it. Obviously this man is beyond stupid. He had small pillows and larger ones too. When me, and two friends confronted him he had the AUDACITY to tell me that I was a popular seller, as if that would make me feel more comfortable about this. There were many others who had pillows made and every other person I talked to was disgusted with this.
 Here’s the Article 
Here’s his deviant art. 
And here’s his “Professional” page. 

"Be careful of his unsavory business tactics, and if you find out he’s selling you as a product, make sure to confront him and demand a physical copy of whatever crap he had you sign, Also, he doesn’t ask for ages when he does photos, so that being said, there is a chance that some of these photos are of underaged girls. Regardless, it’s shoddy, its horrible, and this guy needs to stop, or get his camera broken. (When I discovered my girlfriend on a pillow and a sticker set…I wasn’t too happy).

This is absolutely atrocious behavior.
Let’s get this moving around, this needs more notes. 
how about no sir"
It's one thing to have your picture taken with a cosplayer at a con. I've never been to a con but I imagine I'd want some pictures taken with the attendees.

And it's one thing to snap random pictures of the cosplayers if you can't get in with them. I'd do that too.

But it's another dirty, underhanded thing to make money from them. Since this posting from Pixie Belle started the rounds, Imagine Solutions has announced yesterday they will stop selling the pillows.

"At our booth, we had pillows and prints of a few costumes that were available for purchase. We were VERY selective with the ones we chose, and out of the hundreds and hundreds of panoramas we have taken, only a handful were used (about 10 of them). We chose the ones that we felt were the best of the best and exemplified the spirit of the event. Although each of the people we used signed a model release, some of people were upset that we used their images. We did not mean to upset people, and felt that people chosen would be flattered to be among the few chosen...

"As a result, our business model has changed:
In the past, we were selling products with images of others as well as custom-ordered prints of themselves. This was meant to inspire people to elevate the level of their own costumes. We would like to assure participants that any pictures of them that we have taken WILL NO LONGER BE SOLD AT OUR BOOTHS OR AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The products will be available ONLY to those of whom the pictures were taken. Any future products will be special-order so that the attendees will be able to order prints and merchandise of themselves and themselves only. We would like everyone to know that their privacy is of utmost importance to us and that we did not intend to violate their privacy in any way."

Yeah, because you can't get pillow photos from Etsy. We need Image Solutions for that product.                 < /sarcasm>


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