Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Telephone Applique is Complete!

Whoo hooo! I just finished Poppy Teffrey's telephone applique hoop from Mollie Makes magazine!  It only took me three tries. :) I stretched out the image a little bit in Publisher, before I printed the pattern out. This is a little bit more squatty than Poppy's original pattern. As you can see, I did reverse the rotary dial "clicker" thing at the bottom. It should be on the right hand side, but that's alright. I was glad that I realized I needed to leave out the rotary dial finger holes. When I tried making them for the second version, they came out pretty poorly.

Here, I used a thin polyester ribbon for the phone cord and let it twist back and forth as I tacked it down with tiny little X's. On both the phone and the cord, I used thread that "kind of" matched the overall fabric: grass green for the phone and pink for the cord.

All I have left to do is take it out of the hoop, use it to trace the correct size on some cardboard and put it back together so it can go on one of my walls here in my crafting room.

And by the way, this is what I saw when I was almost done posting this entry.

Dixie napping on the floor next to me, in the sun coming through the window, in front of the blowing fan.

That's just too damn cute.

She's doing pretty well. Next Wednesday marks two weeks since we used up the last of her antibiotics for her believed pancreatitis. My little porkchop is still here with us doing pretty good.

I still haven't looked up pancreatitis to learn more about it. I want to love her as long as she is comfortable.

I thought for sure at the vet's office last time, that Dixie would be gone by now. She's proven me wrong. :)

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