Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thirft Shop Findings

I felt the need for some more capris, as I had two pairs to rethrift myself, from having gotten a bit too small (they were always a little snug to begin with), so I hit Thrift Store USA today.

For $24.60, I picked up:
  • a pair of Dockers Womens striped pants that I'm going to turn into capris (the store didn't have any capris in my size)
  • a pair of lavender Lands End slacks that will also be turned into capris
  • a silky (rayon?) navy blue shirt, 3/4 length sleeves, in an Oriental design with fabric frogs for the closures. SO weird...I was just thinking as I was shopping how I'd like to score a great Oriental-type top, but in red, black and white. However, I think this will be a better fit on me than what I was envisioning.
  • a blue and white plaid shirt
  • a long 3/4 length sleeve shirt in lime green, that actually matches the design of a dress/turned skirt that my husband got me in Iraq years ago. All I needed to do to it to was remove the tie  from the back. Even the tone of the green will match the khaki colored skirt.
  • a pair of fuchsia pointy toed pumps (I really shouldn't have bought shoes again. I bought two pairs of really nice wedge heels a few months ago and even tried them on in the store and they both fit. However, a few days later, one pair had turned foot chokingly small. I only got to try wearing them once. The other pair only got worn twice before the elastic on the strap and buckle broke.)
  • a pair of graphic Rouge Helium pointy toed pumps with a design that look like they are out of the 80's (with both pairs of shoes, I let some medicated foot powder sit in them overnight and wiped them down really good, inside and out)
  • and a BRAND NEW pair of my beloved Converse...they are the All Star brand and not my usual Chucks, but these are a beauty and the most expensive thing I bought today ($6.99)
A woman in the store saw these in my hands and said, "Hey those are cool! Can you accidentally drop them so I can pick them up and get them?" I added a pair of bright purple shoelaces from Kroger and they are complete. Even though they are new, I did run them through the washer one time first. I believe the green eyelet fabric is supposed to be frayed and stringy like that. I'm not going to trim them.

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