Monday, July 29, 2013

Kind of Struck Out With Two Recipes

I decided to some cooking over the weekend and tried out two new recipes, which I feel like they were kind of strike outs for me.

The first one was Bacon Pancakes. I took a shortcut here and actually made the pancakes from the Aunt Jemima dry box mix. "These bacon pancakes satisfy both the sweet and savory senses. Surprise your family with this breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning."

While I love bacon and pancakes, I thought it was a bit more work than what was necessary for breakfast. We crumbled the bacon for our pancakes, but I'm thinking, why bother? The next time, I'm just making the bacon as a side and pulling out the ol'waffle maker instead. :)

I saw the recipe for Corn, Tomato, Basil Salad on the Today Show last week. It was being touted as a no-cook, raw salad. The dressing is white wine vinegar and vegetable oil. It should be extremely light, and with the basil, it should be somewhat flavorful.

I totally didn't like this. Even by letting the salad sit in the frig for a couple hours before serving, I thought there was no taste to it. If it weren't for the crunch of the raw corn, I would have thought my mouth was empty.

Shane, on the other hand, liked it as is, but thought it would be better as a topping to another dish. Maybe it would be better on fish or something, but he didn't think it was good as a stand-alone dish.

So I'm going to toss out these two recipes and see what next weekend's cooking projects bring our culinary way.

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