Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Update on the Bench

I'm almost getting there! Here is where the bench stands, as of this afternoon. Just last night, my husband (who has been willingly dragged into this project) cut the new wood for the seat, as well as the wood strips going across the front and the two support beams in the middle. The lighter colored wood is new. (I needed to add a strip of wood across the front because the front was lower than the bottom, for some damn reason.) I don't remember if it's oak or pine anymore. All I know is that Home Depot and Lowe's do NOT sell planks of wood wider than 12". If you want wood wider than that, you have to buy it as plywood, which was a bit of a bummer to me.

My husband, who did the wood cutting for me, looked at the bench like this and asked, "Are you making it into a toilet?" Ha ha, very funny! :)
After I fought with the wood screws, attaching this new piece of wood to the frame, my husband comes back out to the garage and says, "You should have used finishing nails," and then proceeds to show me the air hammer he has. :)  He doesn't like the way the screw heads look on the wood and also thinks he should have shown me how to countersink them. He is not content with knowing that the piece of wood here will NOT be seen, unless you go to open the little door. (I'm going to cover a cushion for the seat to make it comfy, so that's why it won't be seen and the screws don't matter.)

Let me tell you...there was nothing even about this piece. The sides are different widths, the angles at which the front "flares" a little wider than the back are different. I think the person who made it did it by eyeball, which there's nothing wrong with that, but it drove Shane a little crazy.

That open area will the small hinged door in the seat for storage space in the bench. It's really only about 3" deep but I couldn't resist. Tonight, I'm going to sand it all again, and I'll find out this weekend if new stain will cover it cleanly.

I did two rounds of stain and varnish stripper already, but you can see places on the bench's original wood that not all of it came off. If I can't get clean, even coats of new stain, then I'm going to let it dry and then find some good spray paint to cover it.

But now, this sucker is SECURE! Before, even with the cushions that were on it, you could feel a little wiggle/wobble on it when you sat down. I sat down last night, next to the opening where the door will go, and I couldn't get this sucker to move at all! It's also bitchily (is that even a word?) HEAVY. I'm going to need help bringing it in the house when it's all done.

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