Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update on the Bench

I am wildly happy with the bench! I just finished the staining tonight. I had to go do the edges of the storage lid (not pictured here) and now that part is done.

Just so you know, the cell phone picture I posted here leaves A LOT to be desired, but trust me, it's a gorgeous shade of red now.

I used part of the can of Minwax Wood Finish that Shane had here, in Red Oak. Note to remember: when using red stain, make sure to put plastic down on the cement garage floor, otherwise it will look like a scene from "Dexter."  I tried to be careful, but this shit gets EVERYWHERE. I'm going to pick up some cleaners this weekend to try and remove the crime scene from the garage floor.

I actually lost track of how many coats of stain this is. I'm thinking it's 3-4 coats, depending on each piece of wood. The plywood where the cushion will go took the stain very well, but the arms and legs needed a lot more.

Next parts of this project: polyurethane and install the hinges.

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