Friday, July 19, 2013

What I Did Tonight

  • Dropped the hem on a pair of Chaps pants I bought at Kohl's. Yes, sometimes I do shop for clothes at places other than Thrift Store USA. :) My mom got me a gift card for my birthday and I used it right away. But I always shop the clearance racks first. That's where I found these pink pants. They're almost like jeans and fit great, but they were the tiniest bit too short and I couldn't find them in a different size. By dropping the hem, I got another 3/4" in length, which was perfect.
  • Started modifying a khaki colored Merona dress I got from my sister. The belt on it was too high for me, so I removed it completely. Now it's too loose, so I'm going to add a few simple darts on the back of the dress at my natural waist.
  • Patched a worn slit in a tablecloth that I like. It looks like ants invading a picnic table.

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