Thursday, July 11, 2013


When I was back in Iowa this last time, I came across this mural when I was out driving around.  I thought it was neat and decided to stop and get a picture of it.

It's for a store in Waterloo called the Plaid Peacock. "Plaid Peacock is a retail shop that sells handmade products by Iowa artists (and a couple who started in Iowa). We focus on the arts, but have something for everyone."

When I was there, the store was closed that Sunday, but look, there were yarn bombs on the front pillars! I thought it was kind of great. :)

I also made a return trip to Three Oaks Knits in Waterloo after this, and had a nice conversation with the owner about yarn bombings. I was amazed by how much stuff there was in her shop compared to the last time I was there. It was stuffed up the walls. It was great!

I also stopped by Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Cedar Falls. I was surprised by how much LESS stuff there was here, compared to last time. When I went to go look for the website to link to here, that's when I found out they were closing, so unfortunately, it made sense.

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