Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Dreamed About Dixie Last Night

I've dreamed twice about my friend, Jan, since she passed away. In both cases, the dreams were vivid and detailed. I remembered them both, partly, I believe, the second dream was months after the first, and it was almost like a continuation of that first dream.

I dreamed once about my mother-in-law since she passed. With that dream, I knew I had dreamed about her but I couldn't remember the dream once I woke up.I wish I knew what I had dreamed.

Last night, I dreamed about Dixie, and I was happy to have remembered it.

In the dream, I came home from work. When I walked into the living room, I saw the little tin that her remains are in, tipped over on the floor. Right now, Dixie sits next to my MIL on the coffee table/bench we have pushed up against the wall. In the dream, the tin was lying on the floor, the lid off it, the blue velvet drawstring pouch and plastic Ziploc bag, normally inside the tin, were both laying there as well. Her remains were no where to be seen. They hadn't spilled out or anything.

And then, all of a sudden, Dixie came walking into the living room. She looked at me and meowed a greeting, like it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. She wasn't completely her pre-sickness, healthy weight, but she looked so much better than she had in weeks.

I just remember standing there, dumbfounded, looking at my cat, thinking, "My cat came back to life for me!!!! I have her back!" I felt strangely whole again. The empty feeling in my being was gone. But then the thought struck me, "But why didn't Jeanie (my MIL) come back as well?"

And then I woke up. The only thing that pissed me off was that I didn't think to grab Dixie for a hug and a kiss. I wish I had snatched up her for a good snuggle.

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