Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rubik's Cube Kleenex Box Cover

Any fan of The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon and Leonard have a Rubik's Cube plastic canvas Kleenex box cover in their living room, on the little table next to Sheldon's spot. I decided I need one for our living room. I mean, I am a geek, but my honey (much like Penny) is not, but he understands some of my geekiness.

But as a lazy crafter, I decided to not take it upon myself to create my own plastic canvas pattern. I had everything I already needed. The plastic canvas was bought when I was working on my D&G knock-off purse pattern, and I always have yarn.

I got lucky. After searching the Internet, I came across Megan's pattern over at Polish the Stars. I have to admit, when searching for this, I was amazed by how many people were charging for the pattern. I would have come up with my own before paying for this. But I loved the simplicity of Megan's instructions.


 Thanks for sharing your pattern, Megan! :)

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  1. Cute - you did a great job - I am making one too - hope to finish in the next week.