Friday, August 2, 2013

Time For Another Review

On June 24, 2013, a new thrift store opened on Military Highway here in Norfolk: Best Thrift Store, which is partnered with Eggleston Services to solicit, collect and sell household goods in Hampton Roads. The reason for the name of the store is because this location is known as Best Square.

I finally had the chance to check it out this afternoon on my lunch break, because I always enjoy seeing new businesses and finding out what they have to offer. I wasn't impressed.

I believe this store used to be a men's clothing store until a couple years ago. It's something like 21,000 square feet, and this store has been in the making, physically, since November 2012. You'd think that with that much planning and space, this store would be PACKED with with items to purchase.

Not really.

Instead, things were spaced out in the middle of the store and along just one wall. There's so much open floor space there, that it feels empty inside, like they're going out of business instead of just starting. I think a better solution to make the space feel full would be to use some partition walls to limit how much floor space is being used. You know those fake walls used in the pop-up Halloween stores, to divide the front of the store from the back? That's what Best Thrift needs. As they get more merchandise and some displays, they could move those partition walls back and forth as needed. It would give them some storage space to play with, as well as a way to hang some clothing displays up. If you want a perfect example of how a good thrift store does displays, check out the windows at the Hope House Thrift Store in Norfolk. They arrange their on display merchandise either by common color, theme or holiday. It changes on a regular basis and it's eye catching as you pass by there.

Plus, they really didn't have a whole lot of merchandise available to begin with. The racks looked pretty empty. The clothing they did have (I only picked up two long sleeved shirts) looked pretty dated and worn out...think clothing cast offs that other thrift stores really wouldn't want.

The furniture for sale looked dirty, like it had been taken from where it was stored and out right out on sale immediately. I guess they don't think they need to spend a little time and elbow grease on making their displays look nice. Believe me, it would be worth it so you could possibly make what you are trying to make on that furniture. I've gotten stuff for free from Craigslist that looks better than this stuff.

And the shoe "department"....Lord, don't get me started. I figured since I was prowling the entire store (I even took a quick stroll through kids' clothing section), I'd check this part out too.

Avoid the shoe section seriously smells like a cross between feet, unmaintained old leather and the plaque.

The pricing of the items was alright, I can't really criticize that. Two long sleeved shirts for $3 total. Their tags show what the prices are and will be, as time goes on, so if you really wanted something, you could wait for the price to drop. But keep in mind, you run the risk of having someone else come along at buy it before you can.

And last, but not least, of different aspects of Best Thrift to review...the cashiers. I realize they are probably just working part-time to full-time there, making minimum wage and on their feet all day long, but come on...did that chick even have a pulse? Own that job, you've got one, have a good time with it, suggest different items to go with what people have purchased, ask them if they found what they were looking for...don't act like it's a hassle when someone asks for a job application from you!

For the final review, I'd give this only 1 star out of 5, and that's because of the pricing. I won't be headed back to Best Thrift for anything, and the next time I decide to hit a thrift store, it will be Thrift Store USA.


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