Monday, August 19, 2013

Today Was Just a Weird Day

It was a very strange Monday.

First thing this morning, I realized the grey kitten heel shoes I just bought on Friday are two different sizes. I have to take them back to the store tomorrow to exchange one of them for a correct size.

Both heel caps on the black velvet kitten heels I just bought on Friday broke off this morning. I had screws sticking out the bottom of the heels and they kept getting caught on the carpet at work. Those are going to a local shoe repair place tomorrow to get fixed.

Later on today, I think one of my male co-workers hit on me, but I'm not sure. His wife travels a lot for work to start with, but she's in her home country for another week. It was kind of strange behavior from him, but I'm not going to make an issue of it, even though he knows I'm married.

This afternoon, I realized, when someone pointed it out to me, that I had a hole in my favorite capris. The left side seam had frayed, hopefully after I got dressed this morning, below my hip. I just fixed it, so that's good.

I got a pair of dark khaki colored Be Bop pants from my sister when I was home last that I had turned into capris as well. While I was staining the bench, I got red fingerprint stains on them and the stains are set in. I decided to bleach them white and see if that would also get rid of the stain. I let them sit in a bleach water bath for a while tonight, and NOTHING HAPPENED. I finally pulled them out of the water and threw them into the washer. This was not color safe bleach. The pants are still their original color and the stains are still there!

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