Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lawn of the Dead

Before he was attacked
I can't take credit for tonight's post title. I saw it somewhere on Deviant Art and I liked it.

About three weeks ago, I picked up a little garden gnome statue, about 8-10" tall, at Wal-Mart on clearance for $4.50 (regularly $9.99). It has a red glass mosaic hat. which was a little crumbly at the top. It also had two holes in the booty.

Despite his slight injuries, he was a happy little gnome, although a little lonely. He was temporarily in our garage until I got off my lazy butt today and take him outside.

I thought he'd be happy living with our football gnomes in the front yard. He'd have new little friends and they wouldn't care that he was injured.

But I didn't know the extent of his injuries. I figured it was just a part of life in a store, waiting to be bought and taken home.

We stopped in the kitchen on the way from the garage to the front yard. I set him down on the counter for a minute or two so I could get something to drink. He started to look a little green around the gills and he wasn't smiling so much any more.

I asked him if he was okay but he just grunted at me. I thought that was a little rude. I mean, he hasn't even told me his name yet.

Okay, this is me starting to get lame now...I can't think of a funny way to finish this little story off!

This was a complete repaint, from hat brim all the way down. He was repainted with some primer and a bunch of different craft paints.

The red drips coming down his hat serve an actual purpose. Before I started painting him, I used my hit glue gun to fill in the crumbled spots of glass, to secure it all. Then, I used the red craft paint in the squeeze bottle to cover up the hot glue. I also used hot glue to fill in the holes in his booty.

I'm very happy with how he turned out. I'd been wanting a zombie gnome for some time now. I just couldn't bring myself to buy one from Etsy when I know how easy garden gnomes are to find in the stores.

The ribs and the arm bones were made with a glue gun and then the glue was painted. I did about four coats of clear coat on him to protect him once he became my front door sentry.

My only problem now will be deciding, will he stay outside year round, or will I bring him in after Halloween?

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