Saturday, October 5, 2013

Still Trying To Get My Crafting Mojo Back

Since last year,  I've been meaning to make a Christmas ornament wreath for our front door. I had a spool of Christmas ribbon and one package of ornaments tucked away up in my crafting room. I even picked up more ornaments and some hot glue sticks tonight at Wal-Mart, since they've got both Halloween and Christmas stuff out together. The horror!

I came home tonight an started on that wreath finally. It took me three tries, and it just wasn't happening. I'm throwing in the towel.

It was attempted, the first two times, on a wire clothes hanger. When that just wasn't working, I switched over to a cardboard circle.

For some reason, I wasn't getting anything to come out even remotely ROUND. Plus, I was starting to realize that these wreaths use an enormous amount of ornaments. When I switched over to the cardboard circle, I was making it smaller than original and that helped, just not enough.

I mean, my mojo is just waaaaaaaaaaaay off. I bought an LED pumpkin at Wal-Mart a few days ago. It's one of those craft foam ones that's covered in glitter. I thought, this time, I'm going to seal the glitter. So I used the same clear coat spray paint on that foam pumpkin, because like I just said, it was COATED in glitter.

I know spray paint will melt foam, but this thing was coated in glitter. As I carried it from the store to my car, I looked like a fairy had sneezed orange glitter snot all over my arms and shirt. There had to be enough glitter on it to protect the foam, right?


I sprayed it and left it on my front step to dry. I went back 15 minutes later to check on it. It was melty and bumpy, with white patches showing through. It was a good idea though.

I need my head examined. It's like I have crafting ADD right now or something. I'm staining and painting our interior doors, because I never did anything with them after Shane hung them. All of a sudden, I can't take them anymore. Most of them are being stained but I am painting a few. I do like the sudden burst of color through. It's making our bedroom darker, so of course, I'm thinking I need to repaint the bedroom.

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