Monday, November 11, 2013

Did I Get My Crafting Mojo Back?

I definitely felt like it last night! And it surprised the hell out of me, considering the turmoil in my life right now.

LED candle inside the lantern, includes reindeer moss, faux evergreen, silk roses and berries in a foam disk, held in place with tape. This was actually made at the store manager's request. The lanterns are new, and she wanted one to have an LED candle and an arrangement of some kind, to go on display. These are actually quite roomy!

Wreath with net bow, Christmas picks and assorted extras.

Christmas basket with dark red poinsettias and lilies, with faux frosted evergreens and stems, and berries.
Christmas headstone saddle, with white and green silk carnations. This was actually just one entire bunch of flowers, with even the holly and fern leaves picked off and used as filler. I wasn't planning on making one of these last night, but I saw a woman that had grabbed one from the shelf and had it in her cart, so I figured I should replace it.
I have decided to take photos of my favorite arrangements, so I can have a portfolio of sorts. I never got to make this kind of stuff at the other two flower shops I worked at. At the first one, I was a floral assistant, so the actual florists got to do the fun stuff. At the second shop, I was a florist, but their arrangements were kept so traditional (boring) because that was the style that ALL OF THE CUSTOMERS liked, so the owner never wanted to try making anything different.

I really had to laugh at an article I read on Yahoo yesterday: "5 Jobs Nearing Extinction."

Endangered Career #4: Floral Designer 
2010 - 2020 Outlook*: -9 percent,
6,200 lost jobs

Daisies are stylish. Sunflowers offer your best wishes. And of course, roses are romantic. Floral designers create flower arrangements for special occasions and celebrations. But with this career not growing fast enough, they may not have much to celebrate themselves.

Why It's Nearing Extinction: Floral designers largely work in florist shops, where overall employment is expected to decline, says the U.S. Department of Labor. Instead of purchasing elaborate floral decorations from such shops, customers are increasingly buying loose cut fresh flowers from grocery stores and general merchandise stores.
I had one guy from the store tell me last night that all of the seasonal people that were hired last year were kept on after the holidays. That's a good sign for me, maybe because I'm not working in a traditional floral shop this time.

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