Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mod Podge Mold Review

I've been meaning to write this review up for a couple weeks now, and it looks like I've finally gotten around to it:: Mod Podge Mod Mold, Royal Icons and the 16-Piece Mod Melts in White Milk Glass.

I recently picked these up as impulse buys at my local arts and crafts store. I personally am a Mod Podge fan, so I figured this would be a great little set to have. I could already envision myself buying more of the molds for different little embellishments. And those Mod Melts work in the cheapo little hot glue gun I already have.

"Do-it-yourself has never been easier or so much fun! Create your own embellishments to paint and attach to projects. Molds are made of durable, easy-to-use silicone. Add a touch of elegance to your projects with Royal Icons Mod Molds.

"Use Mod Melts to create custom embellishments for crafting projects that can be decorated with craft paint. Available in sea glass clear and milk glass white. Each package contains sixteen, 10” long mini..."

To be honest here: this was a disappointment, on two different levels. One might be my own fault for thinking I could make these teeny tiny little molds actually turn out. But they are so small and so detailed, it's a little difficult. Mod Podge might be doing it's customers a disservice by starting out with a series of molds so small, instead of providing different (larger) sizes as well.

And the areas that needed to be trimmed were so small (yet obvious) that I would have needed a tony scissor to get in there, but with all the crevices in the molds, I don't know that I would have been able to get them cleaned up as well as I would have liked.

But the biggest problem actually comes from the milk glass sticks. They don't harden the same way regular hot glue sticks harden. Even with the smallish tip of my glue gun, I had a hard time getting any uniformity or levelness to the molds as I was filling them because these milk glass sticks dry a lot faster than regular hot glue sticks. And they dry with a different consistency. With regular hot glue, you could conceivably use your fingertips (once cooled) to smooth out the backs of the molds. With the milk glass (I didn't see the sea glass clear ones to try), if you touch it, you automatically pull out a white stringy mess. You have to actually cut the strings off with a scissor if you get them. With a regular hot glue sticks, you can give the gun a little whip to the side and a little shimmy and the string basically disappears. Not so with these milk glass sticks. The glue starts drying almost as fast as it comes out of the gun, at least it did for me (and remember, I have a cheapo glue gun, so I don't know if that had any affect on it).

One other online review on the Plaid website mentioned having air bubbles in every one of their molds, even while following the proper directions. I didn't seem to have that problem on the fronts of my molds, but had a few on the backs, but that didn't bother me.

All in all, I'll stick with the regular Mod Podge but I won't be using the molds any more. Don't waste your money.

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