Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ready Set Go!

One of the things my husband got me for Christmas was the Xpress Ready Set Go cooker. You know the one...the little red cooker from "As Seen On TV" with the kind of obnoxious chef/host, Cathy Mitchell.

Lemme tell ya two things:

  1. I asked for this little appliance.
  2. I love the damn thing.
I told my husband, maybe he shouldn't have bought it, because I'm going to make us fat.

Seriously, get one of these things. I like the fact it comes with recipes for something different to make. As if I don't have enough cookbooks and the entire internet at my disposal already (I even won another cookbook from Lorraine Eaton at Pilotonline, just a few days ago). But I am a sucker for this cooker, and have been ever since I saw the first program-length commercial. I was sucked in like a Barbie shoe into a Hoover.

However, you know how it says non-stick surface? Yeah, you still need to spray it with cooking spray when using it.

And the one recipe that got me more interested than anything else was the Stuffed Soup dish. And you know what...since it was from the first version of the cooker, it didn't come with version 2 of the cooker. :( Thank God for the internet!

  • 1 whole can of unprepared condensed soup
  • 1/4 cup of shredded cheese 
  • 1 box of unprepared stuffing mix 
  • Salt and pepper, if you want them
Preheat your cooker and combine all the ingredients together. This ends up making about five servings (at least, it did for the two of us). Spoon some into the divided wells of the cooker and let it cook for 7-8 minutes. Personally, I want mine to be a little crispy, so the next time I make it, it's going to cook for 9-10 minutes.

And yeah, I realize this could just as easily be made in a frying pan. I  just never thought about it until now, because I figured they were leaving some ingredient or step out of the commercial. :)