Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Official

I took Dixie back to the vet this morning. She's dropped weight again, is lethargic, has a loss of appetite, and isn't going the bathroom very much. The diagnosis is that she's dehydrated, probably has another infections somewhere, has pancreatitus, her kidney functions are off, and may even have a mass of some kind where the vet couldn't feel it, either deep in her gut or even in her head. It's all age related, and I was told to stop giving her the steroids. They don't go along well with the pancreatitus.

The vet wanted to keep her over the weekend, pump her full of fluids and run a bunch more tests on her, but what it boils down to is Dixie's age. If they could get further into what's wrong with her, then maybe they could buy her some more time. Maybe being the optimum word. And they don't know how long some time could be.

I decided to bring her home with me instead. They gave her a good dose of fluids and some more antibiotics, but that's just to make her comfortable. The real question is when will we know that it's time to let her go.

She perked up a little yesterday after we got home. I knew being home would make her happy, that's part of the reason why I couldn't leave her there for the weekend.

But I know I have to do this. Dixie's always been a serious little girl, but happy and "talked" to me a lot. She was always able to tell me whatever she needed me to know. But she no longer talks like that anymore. She doesn't headbutt any more, and she doesn't come hang out with me in the bathroom when I take a shower at night like she used to do. I had a little girl melt down yesterday when I got home with her. I'm sure Shane is expecting me to be a basket case when the time comes to take Dixie to the vet one last time.

I love her like she's human. This is going to hurt something serious.

As a way to try and get my mind off things, my husband made sure we went out today for lunch and a little sight-seeing here in Norfolk. We parked the car at one of the Park and Ride lots in Norfolk and rode the Tide from one end to the other. It's about 25 minutes one way for the full route. It's been up and running for maybe 1 1/2 years and we just haven't gotten around to riding it yet. At the almost end, we stopped for lunch at Machismo Burrito, another place we haven't been before.

We walked two blocks to Machismo on York Street, we crossed over Boteourte Street. I don't think I've ever been there before, because I would have noticed the road is cobblestone. It's old but I'm sure it's not original. But it was very interesting to see.

After lunch, we rode the Tide to the last westbound stop, it changed directions, and we rode it all the way back eastbound to Newtown Road. The nice thing about this trip was we saw Norfolk from a different point of view, and realized that this light rail thing could be a little bit of an advantage for us if we wanted to go to a hockey game (as far as parking is concerned), and we saw a couple of restaurants we didn't know about to try.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Advice to The People That Do The Hiring for Their Companies

When you call someone to tell them they DIDN'T get the job they wanted with you, after numerous interviews and phone calls, think about this: don't tell your unwanted candidate, "Our hiring group just didn't like any of the candidates, so we are going to keep looking for other people." And don't end the call with, "And you have a GREAT weekend!"

You've just ruined my day. You don't know how badly I needed that job. You even dragged out my wait to hear back from you on the status of that job by a week longer than promised, so I'm already antsy. Now, I'm not going to have a great weekend.

A better way to phrase this would have been, "Thank you for your time. We've made our decision and right now, we feel that another candidate will be a better choice for us."

In fact, if I had gotten the job, it would have been a great weekend, because I need something good to happen in my life in the worst fucking way possible right now.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Did Tonight

  • I started some chili for a chili cook off at my husband's work for tomorrow.
  • Went to my husband's American Legion Riders meeting and got a certificate of appreciation for the photos I take of their rides, from the outgoing director.
  • Killed a spider that was sitting on my sewing box.
  • Re-hemmed and patched another pair of my jeans.
  • Decided that my cat has to go back to the vet again.
  • Finally got around to making that oilcloth coin purse I mentioned a week ago.
I was really bummed out by how the coin purse didn't turn out for me. The oilcloth print was pretty but my sewing machine didn't care much for it. Then, after fighting with it to turn it right side out, I realized I didn't sew the mouth correctly and the clasp that came with it was now too big.

Oh well, time to move onto something else. I really need to finish that Dolce and Gabbanna knock off purse I'm still tinkering with here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One More Chemo Cap to Send: "Patty's Stripes"

This is actually a cap pattern that I came up with myself last week. Since it's for my mom again, I'll call this one "Patty's Stripes."

I used three different colors: a slight off white (color A), a beige (color B), and a rust color (color C) that was actually left over from my Doctor Who scarf last year.

For my stripe pattern, I worked this color sequence: A, A, B, C, C, B, A, A, B, C, C, etc.

Any number of colors will work here, but you don't want to use your cheapest yarns for the chemo caps, otherwise they will be itchy. Use something soft.

Crochet hook: H

CH 2 (or 3) always counts as 1 DC.

Start this hat with a magic circle of 1 chain and 5 SC. Secure the ends with a slip stitch.

Row 1: Chain 2,  work 11 DC in ring. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 2: Chain 2, work 1 DC in the same stitch. Work 2 DC in each stitch around. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 3: Chain 2, work 2 DC in the same stitch. Alternate 2 DC/1 DC around. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 4: Chain 2, work 2 DC in the same stitch. Alternate 1 DC/1 DC and 1 chain around. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 5: Chain 2, work 2 DC in the same stitch. Alternate 1 DC/1 DC/1 DC and 1 chain around. Work your DC with the chain into the space of the previous row's chains. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 6: Chain 3 and alternate 1 DC/1 DC and 1 chain around. Work your DC with the chain into the space of the previous row's chains. Secure with a slip stitch.
Row 7: Chain 2 and work 1 DC in each stitch around. Secure with a slip stitch, and turn the hat around.
Row 8: repeat row 6
Row 9: repeat row 6
Row 10: repeat row 7
Row 11: repeat row 6
Row 12: repeat row 6
Row 13: repeat row 7
Row 14: repeat row 6
Row 15: repeat row 6
Row 16: Chain 1 and work 1 SC in each stitch across. Fasten off the yarn.