Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crafting for a Friend

I started working on some scrapbook pages tonight about our trip to Natural Bridge and the Booth Trail. When I finished what I could of them tonight, I started making a few cards. It's been quite some time that I've bought any cards because I always have so many on hand here. I had forgotten I had the book, Perfect Papercraft: Cards and Gifts, so I made a few things from there tonight.

Without even realizing it, the first card was a congratulations on your new home kind of card. My friend, Michelle the Cook, is looking for a place of her own and hopes to have found a place by the end of the month. I thought it would be good to save for her once she finds the right place.

I started flipping through the book and came across the bunting project in it. I know bunting is not a hard thing to make, but I'd never thought of making it before. I never had a reason for it. But I decided, that to go along with the card, I'd make the string of bunting for Michelle's new place, once we start moving her in.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Well, no, not really.

A couple months ago, I bought a pair of simple black flat shoes from Barefoot Shoes. They had glitter on them and they weren't sealed. I figured they would lose glitter after awhile, and I was right.

They aren't anything fancy. I don't even know the brand of them. They're just plain black, ballet-type shoes, I guess.

They're pretty cheaply made too. With the glitter coming off the sides like this, it almost feels like it's some kind of cardboard or something they're made out of, sandwiched in between the fabric insoles and the outer glitter.

But after seeing so many shoe-related posts on Craftster, I figured it was time to have some shoe fun of my own again.

This was a really quick project tonight. In fact, the longest part of this project was waiting for the Mod Podge and the clear coat to each dry, in between coats.

I picked up two colors of glitter (blue and purple), the Mod Podge and the clear coat at A.C. Moore this afternoon. I spent just over $19 for the supplies. When I came home from work tonight, I spread a garbage bag out on my kitchen counter and got to work.

I combined fairly equal parts of the blue and purple glitter together in a bowl and mixed them.

Makin' a mess. Why didn't I keep a box to do this in? I mean, I KNEW I was going to do this project this weekend, and I went and dumped all my cardboard boxes in the garbage can outside anyway. What the hell was I thinking? It looks like the purple Teletubby barfed in my kitchen.

In working on the shoes, I wasn't overly slopping on the Mod-Podge because I wanted to maintain the black ribbon edge. I did, however, continue to go crazy with the glitter. I wanted very full coverage on the shoes. I did the front 3/4 of the shoes with the glue and glitter, and then let them dry somewhat. I needed to keep a place to hold the shoes while working on them.

I was also very careful to avoid tapping the shoes too much after the glitter was on. I figure the clear coat will help any loose stuff be secured to the shoes.

These were a $0.75 pair of shoes the last time I went to the thrift store. I decided I wanted to add some sparkle to these, and because of their price, if it didn't work out, then no big deal.

Wondering if I'm ever going to be able to clean up all the glitter, or will it become a seasoning for breakfast tomorrow.

A DIY-version of Christian Louboutin shoes, but with purple glitter outer heels instead of his trademark red heels?

I stuffed them with plastic bags to avoid overspraying the clear coat into the inside of the shoes.

I think these are going to be a lot of fun to wear. The ballet flats are actually more purple than blue, in real life. I think the camera flash is making them look more blue. I'm trying to decide if I want to add anything to the toes. There was a simple black cord bow on each shoe that I trimmed off before starting, because I hate bows. I don't know if I want to look for a funky set of buttons to glue on or just leave them plain.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


When I was back in Iowa this last time, I came across this mural when I was out driving around.  I thought it was neat and decided to stop and get a picture of it.

It's for a store in Waterloo called the Plaid Peacock. "Plaid Peacock is a retail shop that sells handmade products by Iowa artists (and a couple who started in Iowa). We focus on the arts, but have something for everyone."

When I was there, the store was closed that Sunday, but look, there were yarn bombs on the front pillars! I thought it was kind of great. :)

I also made a return trip to Three Oaks Knits in Waterloo after this, and had a nice conversation with the owner about yarn bombings. I was amazed by how much stuff there was in her shop compared to the last time I was there. It was stuffed up the walls. It was great!

I also stopped by Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Cedar Falls. I was surprised by how much LESS stuff there was here, compared to last time. When I went to go look for the website to link to here, that's when I found out they were closing, so unfortunately, it made sense.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Self-Imposed Writing Assignment

Just this last May, I gave myself a writing assignment, based on interviews that are published with authors in Mollie Makes magazine. Today, I'm completing another writing assignment.

As I write this, I'm sitting with my back to the window at one of the B terminals in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, waiting for my last flight of the day to take me home. I went back to the Midwest from the East coast to see my family, primarily my mother. The update about her is good but not one that I want to talk about here, because typing it will make me cry happy tears and I don't want to do that in public.

So anyway, I'm here in Detroit, hot and sweaty, tired from my sister's asshole cats keeping me awake all night last night, rubbing my watery right eye, sniffing through a stuffy nose (caught Mom's cold), sitting cross-legged on probably the city's nastiest carpet, listening to the rain, all while Bogarting an outlet so I can keep my weak ass laptop battery going, all so I can do a little writing. I've got a Delta Sky magazine in front of me.

I was inspired for some cornball reason, by the interview they do in the front part of each issue: "What's In My Bag,"  where a celebrity is interviewed on how they travel. This interview was with country singer, Trisha Yearwood. I decided, once again, to interview myself, as if I were an artist known for her travels.
What's In My Bag//
AMYLYNN98, Artist, Writer

After breaking out in the arts scene in 2009 and starting her meteoric rise in fiber arts, AmyLynn98 took a few breaks in 2013 to do some traveling, both on her own and with her husband, and refresh her creative juices. With notes in her mind on new projects (shabby chic crocheted doily on denim and a new maxi dress design), AmyLynn98 sat down with Delta Sky magazine. Here's how the Iowa native travels.

Most impractical item ever packed:
On my last trip back home, I bought a mini Crock Pot and had to carry it back with me. I always make sure to pack an extra bag so I have something I can check (I always come back with more stuff than I took with me), so I packed the Crock Pot in the original box, tucked clothes all around it, and cross my fingers as I handed my bag over. (I'm still waiting to find out how it fares on the way home!)

Travel uniform:
This really depends on when I'm traveling, mostly by time of year. However, my basic stand-by outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, as well as flip-flops or a pair of low top Converse Chuck Taylors. With having to take my shoes off for security screenings, I want to have something quick and convenient on my feet. I also tend to dress in layers when the weather is cooler, so I'll throw on a hoodie or a sweater (something worn and comfy is perfect for traveling). I don't care so much about how I look when I'm traveling.

In-flight entertainment:
Books! I always have more books on me for my flights than I can finish, but I do a pretty good job in getting through them. And I always travel with yarn and my wooden crochet hook. Finding me on an airplane or in the airport without yarn is about as likely as finding Paula Deen without a stick of butter in her hand. It just ain't gonna happen.

Carry-on of choice:
My Swiss Army laptop backpack. Even if I don't take my laptop with me, I always take the backpack. It's got loads of pockets and it's not too big to slide under the seat in front of me. Plus, it's padded really well, so it's good for carrying smaller items, like souvenirs you're afraid will break in your checked luggage.

In-flight listening:
Anything I have on my MP3 player, usually something happy: Barenaked Ladies, Katrina and the Waves,  Macklemore. Something happy makes the occasional turbulence a little easier to handle. In fact, when I get home, I'll be purchasing BNL's new CD.

Last souvenir purchased:
The Crock Pot from Kohl's. Hey, I don't have a mini Crock Pot and it was on sale. I even had a coupon on top of that! I also bought a Hawkeyes shirt for my husband.

Essential personal care items:
Noise reducing headphones, a supply of tissues, and something to drink!

In-flight reading: 
I'm reading The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub right now, because I want to read the sequel book next. The first book came out in 1984 and I first read it in the late 80's, so I need a refresher here. Also on this trip, I just finished Joyland by Stephen King and In the Footsteps of an Assassin by Michael Kauffman. It seems like whenever I got home, it's right around the time Stephen King has a new book out, so I'm always prepared with something good to read.