Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update on a Craft for a Friend

On July 13, I made an entry about a little card and craft project I made for Michelle the Cook.

I was able to give her the bunting earlier tonight, after we got all of her stuff moved into her new duplex. She thought it was funny to have and said it reminded her of a finish line.

And in a way, it was a finish line: the end of her being a roommate and the start of her having her own place again.

The card of the little house, however, did not hold up very well. The glue must have started to let go of the cardstock, and I couldn't bring myself to give her that flimsy little thing afterall. But that was okay, because I did give her a little housewarming gift instead.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Dreamed About Dixie Last Night

I've dreamed twice about my friend, Jan, since she passed away. In both cases, the dreams were vivid and detailed. I remembered them both, partly, I believe, the second dream was months after the first, and it was almost like a continuation of that first dream.

I dreamed once about my mother-in-law since she passed. With that dream, I knew I had dreamed about her but I couldn't remember the dream once I woke up.I wish I knew what I had dreamed.

Last night, I dreamed about Dixie, and I was happy to have remembered it.

In the dream, I came home from work. When I walked into the living room, I saw the little tin that her remains are in, tipped over on the floor. Right now, Dixie sits next to my MIL on the coffee table/bench we have pushed up against the wall. In the dream, the tin was lying on the floor, the lid off it, the blue velvet drawstring pouch and plastic Ziploc bag, normally inside the tin, were both laying there as well. Her remains were no where to be seen. They hadn't spilled out or anything.

And then, all of a sudden, Dixie came walking into the living room. She looked at me and meowed a greeting, like it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. She wasn't completely her pre-sickness, healthy weight, but she looked so much better than she had in weeks.

I just remember standing there, dumbfounded, looking at my cat, thinking, "My cat came back to life for me!!!! I have her back!" I felt strangely whole again. The empty feeling in my being was gone. But then the thought struck me, "But why didn't Jeanie (my MIL) come back as well?"

And then I woke up. The only thing that pissed me off was that I didn't think to grab Dixie for a hug and a kiss. I wish I had snatched up her for a good snuggle.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Today Was Just a Weird Day

It was a very strange Monday.

First thing this morning, I realized the grey kitten heel shoes I just bought on Friday are two different sizes. I have to take them back to the store tomorrow to exchange one of them for a correct size.

Both heel caps on the black velvet kitten heels I just bought on Friday broke off this morning. I had screws sticking out the bottom of the heels and they kept getting caught on the carpet at work. Those are going to a local shoe repair place tomorrow to get fixed.

Later on today, I think one of my male co-workers hit on me, but I'm not sure. His wife travels a lot for work to start with, but she's in her home country for another week. It was kind of strange behavior from him, but I'm not going to make an issue of it, even though he knows I'm married.

This afternoon, I realized, when someone pointed it out to me, that I had a hole in my favorite capris. The left side seam had frayed, hopefully after I got dressed this morning, below my hip. I just fixed it, so that's good.

I got a pair of dark khaki colored Be Bop pants from my sister when I was home last that I had turned into capris as well. While I was staining the bench, I got red fingerprint stains on them and the stains are set in. I decided to bleach them white and see if that would also get rid of the stain. I let them sit in a bleach water bath for a while tonight, and NOTHING HAPPENED. I finally pulled them out of the water and threw them into the washer. This was not color safe bleach. The pants are still their original color and the stains are still there!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Really Hated This Pattern

I want to say right now, you'll need a user name and password in order to see the pattern as it's listed on the Lion Brand Yarn site.

The pattern I ended up hating was the Spiral Crocheted Afghan. Those chained sections become a real bitch and are so loopy, it's ridiculous. I took this pattern home with me, along with some awesome mohair yarn. I thought this would made a great airy, just right kind of weight afghan.

I grew to hate it for some reason. I guess it's just me, because of the 14 reviews this pattern has, they are all pretty good.

But for some reason, it wasn't grabbing me. So it never got any bigger than 20" across. I brought the attempted afghan piece back with me and forgot about it for a few weeks, until I was at K-Mart of all places.

They sell a line of dresses called LYS, which stands for Love Your Size. They had some super cute maxi-dresses there that if I had found a smaller one, I might have bought. But they were all high-waisted, like right below the bust-line, and that's not a look I can pull off. It tends to exaggerate the size of a gut and I don't like it.

But what really caught me eye was one of the dresses had a doily stitched to it on the back. I thought maybe I could take my attempted afghan and stitch it to the back of the denim jacket I swiped from my husband years ago.

I dragged the dress form downstairs from the attic so I'd have room to work. I pinned and re-pinned the afghan so many times on the back of the jacket, but those damn chains just kept being too lose for the back. I would have had to go and whip-stitch every other chain in place so it didn't poof out.

I deleted the pattern from my computer and finally tossed out the attempted afghan tonight. It's time to move onto something else.

Things I did get done today:

  • planted two bags of bulbs from Wal-Mart (daffodils and tulips)
  • planted a small cypress tree into a bigger pot.
  • Finished off a few scrapbook pages on our Natural Bridge/Booth Trail trip, and then realized I need to get another scrapbook.
  • Started balancing my checkbook.
  • Sold some reptile lights from up in our attic on Craigslist and made $10.
  • Dyed my hair tonight with a box of Loreal dye...I thought the fumes were going to kill me! I don't mind going grey. But I started getting grey hair at my temples, under my bangs. It's the weirdest thing. Instead of having hair like Rogue from the X-Men (which I wouldn't mind), I'm going to have hair like the Bride of Frankenstein!
  • Sanded the sides of the compartment lid on the bench today, and did one more coat of poly urethane on the bench part.

KISS Photos Finally

Took me long enough to get these posted! And just something fun that I remembered today.

KISS was on MAD TV for Halloween 1998. Always loved that "commercial." :)
Dr. Love look-a-like outside the arena.

We were both singing, I Was Made for Loving You, when Shane turned the camera on us!

This one is my wallpaper on my work computer.

Confetti as far as the eye can see, during the finale.