Saturday, August 31, 2013

Such a Shitty Day

Yesterday was just such a bad day. I'm wondering if I get some of it off my chest and into the universe, maybe things can turn around for me.

I found out that my mom's cancer has spread again, despite the good news we got in July that the chemo was working. She's out of the trial she was doing now and has to wait for permission from her insurance company to start the next trial.

The next bit of shittiness came when my former supervisor called me to say I wasn't getting the job with her that she had unofficially offered me last week. A job came open where I used to work, under the same supervisor I'd had before, but in a different department and in a different capacity. I wanted that job. She told me it would be mine. After knowing her for 11 years (she contacted me in the first place for this job), I believed and trusted her.

My trust was mislaid.

She offered the job to someone else, a woman who had different skills than what the job description, or even what my former supervisor, ever mentioned. It was like being blindsided.

I kept myself together, even though I wanted to yell at her and ask her, "WTF???"

So the job hunt starts again.

Even my sister had a shitty day. She drove her husband's car to work at the overnight shift she had at the grocery store, and she couldn't get it out of park when she left. So, at 3 PM, she had to have it towed to the dealership. Turns out 2 small plastic pieces having to do with the shifter broke, $13 a piece. With labor, it was a bill of $350.

But today, maybe things will be better. I'm on my way to the oceanfront to see Smash Mouth and BNL. I might stop by the American Legion to check out the car show happening there before hand. At least, I can cross one more thing of my bucket list. which is kind of funny, because I was in such a dark, bad mood last night, that I actually put my ticket up for sale on Craigslist. No one took me up on it. I guess I wasn't meant to stay home and pout, because that's even what my mom said to me last night.

Don't ever argue with your mom when she tells you to get out there and live your life and enjoy yourself. Her words of wisdom last night to me were, "It is what it is. Someday, when I die, at least the cancer will die too. It can't spread any more then."

Monday, August 26, 2013

My Crafting Mojo is Off

Over the weekend, I tried making the Recycled Fabric Scrap Earrings from Nelly's Treasures. Something is going on with me...I feel like my crafting mojo is off or something.

"I started off by cutting out a pile of cardboard disks and then sticking a disk of felt to one side of it to give them a plusher feel." See, this is where I changed things up a little bit, because I bought a package of  3/4" heavy duty felt pads. This might have been part of my downfall, because it made the earrings extremely thick, probably thicker than what would be practical.

It took a couple tries to get the fabric to the right size for each earring, otherwise you wind up with a bunched up little mess on the back that doesn't lay flat and can't be covered with a piece of felt.

I'm a little bummed out that this didn't work because I thought they would make some cute little OOAK earrings. I was actually working, assembly-line like, on 10 pairs of earrings at once, so I don't think I'm going to try this project again.

What I was able to accomplish was fixing the straps on two pairs of bras and the cuffs on a pair of jeans that belong to Nicole the Knitter's goddaughter. I have one of Nicole's dresses draped over a dress form right now. It needs to be taken in about 2" on each side.

Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood is a fine, fine, FIIIIIIIIIINE looking man. Whatever he's doing to live his life is definitely working for him. He's ageless.

I'm totally looking forward to "Ironside," and I never seen anything of the original series.

Eyeliner Review

I've recently discovered a line of make-up that I've decided I love: Physicians Formula. They have an eyeliner called Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Eyeliners. They sell it as Kajal Eyeliner Trio, for different colored eyes. I had the purple, green and black trio, which is marketed for those with green eyes (I actually have blue eyes).

I need to go back to CVS and pick up the black eyeliner again. I didn't get the chance to use it rolled into my toilet one morning while I was getting ready for work.

This is a really good cream eyeliner. It glides right over the eyelids easily and doesn't clump off. It comes with a gentle snubbed point, so it's not pointy enough to be uncomfortable on your skin when it's new.

However, the website, Paula's Choice, gave this product a "poor" review. "If you are successful in applying this eyeliner without it breaking, don’t count on the 100% waterproof claim. At best, you’ll get about half an hour of wear time before the formula breaks down and a serious amount of smudging starts to happen around your eyes." Well, in all honesty, I've never really believed in the waterproof claim for any make-up product, especially when it's a CREAM-based eyeliner.

"Although Physician’s Formula directs you to apply these pencils along your eye’s waterline (i.e. the rim of the eye) we do not suggest applying eyeliner to this area. Any product put along the waterline is likely to break down and get into the eyes, so it not only looks messy and smear-y in short order, it causes eye irritation, too. Not pretty!" Ummmmm, just because the manufacturer recommends a specific use of a make-up item doesn't mean it HAS to be used that way. People should make their own decisions.

Like I said, I really liked this product. However, I ran to Walgreens, which is closer to my house than CVS, to pick up a replacement black liner. I bought Loreal Paris The Super Slim Infallible liquid eyeliner.

I hated it. It's sitting right next to me, and I don't know why I haven't tossed it yet.

"Enjoy flawlessly clean lines as precise as 0.4mm with The Super Slim by Infallible® Never Fail. The ultra-fine felt tip gives you total control, delivering the perfect amount of liner."

It's got a long, thin point. It's long enough that I haven't been able to get a consistent line going across either eyelid yet. It's also VERY BLACK in appearance, compared to the REGULAR BLACK of the Physicians Formula kohl.

I look like I let the Joker use a black Sharpie to line my upper lids.

I really like the eye make-up look of the rockabilly style. "Feel free to pack on the black eyeliner, particularly to the top and wing it out…you may add a little on the bottom just enough to make your eye color pop. Big and flirty eyelashes…Don’t be afraid to use falsies, especially on the outer corners…dab the bottom lashes with mascara." Of course, it's mostly where the eyeliner is concerned...I like bright colors too much to be a true rockabilly girl. But I love that little wedge of black on my upper lid. It seems to make my lashes look thicker and my eyes a little bigger.