Saturday, September 28, 2013

A New Concoction: Chunky Brothless Autumn Stew

I've been trying my hardest lately to do more cooking and less shopping. Let's be honest, I like grocery shopping a little too much and it shows in our kitchen and pantry. And if I'm cooking more often, then I have a reason to invite my friends over to have supper with me.

I got a little creative in the kitchen today and I really liked what I came up with.

  • 1 medium sized carnival squash (This looks like a little green, white and orange striped pumpkin)
  • 2 bags of frozen steamer veggies (I had 1 bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, and 1 bag of frozen potatoes and green beans in a cheese/butter sauce)
  • 1 lamb shoulder chop (I wish I had used 2 chops instead of just 1, but that's in hindsight)

I cut the lamb shoulder into cubes and cooked it in a large pan on medium heat with oregano, basil garlic powder, and black pepper. I added a little bit of water to keep it from browning up too quickly.

While it was cooking, I pierced the skin of the squash 4-5 times with a large fork and microwaved it for 10 minutes. It was super hot when it came out of the microwave so you'll want to let it cool because you need to cut it in half and remove the seeds. After it's cooled, dice it up.

I drained off the little bit of water that was left with the lamb when it was done cooking, then added both bags of veggies and the squash. I covered it and reduced the heat to low and just let it simmer for about 30-40 minutes. I was cleaning house while I was cooking, so I wasn't in a big rush to get everything done so I could eat.

When it was all done, the squash had become soft and those weird little frozen cheese/butter "disks" had melted down together to a very light sauce. Everything had a little coating of it. It was even pretty to look at, because without trying, I got all kinds of autumn colors in there: yellows, oranges, some white, and just a touch of green. Altogether, this ended up becoming kind of like a chunky autumn-type stew but without the broth.

Making Some Good Looking People

I recently came across two different posts on ROFLrazzi of morphed images of celebrities. One was of all the James Bond actors and the other was of the original and modern Star Trek actors. The "final form" of James Bond looks a lot like Roger Moore. And when you combine William Shatner and Chris Pine, you get a captain that's better looking than each of them as Kirk.

I decided to give it a try myself.

I wondered what a new Superman would look like, if he were a combination of Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh. Not too shabby. This new guy is pretty good looking.

What about Hugh Jackman and John Barrowman? I should have made sure John had a closed mouth smile. This kind of looks like he was braces.

Unfortunately, my internet connection dropped the site before I could morph Daniel Craig and David Tennant into one perfect looking Brit.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to Posting?

This last week has been hell. I've been trying to keep myself busy with yard work at night for as long as I can, just to keep worried thoughts away the best I can.

Mom's cancer is even worse than we thought. She's found out that there is no more chemo available to try and help her. The doctor promised her he's tried everything he could for her, but now, he's said he believes she has three months left to live.

She is braver and stronger than I'll ever be in life. She wanted to continue to fight, willing to try any other chemo he could suggest.

I talk to her every day now, and I am falling victim to false hope when I hear her voice. Today was a better day, but she still sounds like she was kicked down a steep, sharp hill by her own body. She didn't decline. She was shoved off a cliff. I hope for some kind of miracle, but I know better. I hate my hospice job so much right now. I know how it could be for when she passes. I know she hurts so much right now, and I hate there's nothing I can do for her. I would take any of the cancer away from her if I could.

The pain in my chest and stomach, as well as the pain in my heart and mind, actually scare me. If the hurt is this bad right now, while she is still alive, what kind of hell will it feel like when she's gone? Someday, the care packages from home will end. Someday, I won't have a mom to take care of me if I need it. But for today, so far, I still have her and it's the first day since last Tuesday that I haven't cried like a baby.

It's also the first time in a week that I've done anything crafty. It actually feels kind of weird to me to do anything normal like that. I've dropped out of volunteering at the local theater and with a wildlife rehab group.

For Halloween, my husband has decided he wants to be Gru at work. A bald cap, long nose and a scarf are on their way from Amazon, but I decided he also needed Gru's over-sized zipper pull.

I quickly made this felt zipper pull for him tonight while watching reruns of "The Big Bang Theory."

It's a little lopsided. Normally, it would have driven me crazy. Tonight, I just don't give a damn. But it's something. Maybe this will help me get over this slump I'm in.