Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Big Bulky Infinity Scarf

I finished the crocheted infinity scarf for Bree yesterday. She knew she wanted it to have some kind of cable "knit" look. We've been selling machine made infinity scarves where we work, but they are thin and short. Bree said she's "boobular" and wanted a longer scarf.

This is a pretty thick scarf, because Bree wanted two colors of yarn together. She picked out:
--1 skein of Caron Vickie Howell in Night(ish) for the edging
--3 skeins each of Lion Brand Yarn--Heartland--in Great Smokey Mountains (#149) and Glacier Bay (#105) for the scarf

For the scarf, I used an N sized crochet hook, and for the picot edging, I used a G sized hook.

I used a pattern for a thick cable knit to create this scarf. Using the larger hook and both of the Lion Brand yarns together, crochet a starting chain that is a multiple of 6. This example is 18 stitches.

Ch 1 and sc across the starting chain.

*Fpdc around first sc, bpdc around next 4 sc, fpdc around next sc, rep from * across row. Ch 3 and turn.

*Bpdc around first st, sk 2 stitches, fptr in each of next 2 stitches, fptr in each of the 2 stitches that you already skipped (cross back over the first two fptr st, work the first fptr in the first stitch you skipped and the second in the second stitch you skipped, working backwards across the first pair of fptr stitches like this is what creates the cable), bpdc around next st. Repeat from * across row. Ch 3 and turn.

At this stage you will begin to see the twists of the cable forming but it won’t be obvious yet that you’re creating a cable pattern. It will become clearer as you add additional rows.

Repeat steps three and four to the length of the cable desired. For this infinity scarf, I crocheted back and forth across the width until I had used up almost all three skeins.

When you've got the scarf the length you want, join the ends together in a loop. You can either whipstitch the ends together with a yarn needle, or you can slip stitch them together. Either way, you'll still be using both LBY's together. I chose to slip stitch the ends together, by overlapping the ends by 2 rows. Fasten off the yarn when complete.

As Bree wears the scarf, and maybe even washes/dries it, the weight of the yarn will open up those cables and make it seem a little wider, so she could definitely use it as a hood, if she wants to do so.

Switching the crochet hook to the smaller one, run a series of SC along each side of the scarf. Once that row is complete, do an edging of picot stitches on each side with the Caron yarn.

Create three chain stitches from the point in your row where you want to add the picot stitch. Insert your hook in the third chain from the hook. This chain stitch is the first you created in the preceding step. Yarn over (yo) and draw the yarn through the stitch and through the loop on the hook. Fasten off the yarn once complete.

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