Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Comic Blast From the Past

I've been scanning a bunch of old photographs lately, and as I was saving them to our hard drive, I came across a folder called, "Comic Reviews." I had forgotten about that folder.

For a little while in 2001, I was reviewing various Spider-Man comic books for Spider-Man Crawlspace. At the time, I either went by my true name or Spider-Woman online. It was kind of like what I'm doing at Geek Crafts: I just wanted to write and this was another way to do it. I guess I still feel like if I'm posting on someone else's site, then my writing has more importance or depth or whatever, than if I'm just posting on my own site.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to run across these. I didn't PDF them at the time, probably because I didn't have that ability, so they were saved as image captures turned JPGs.

If you're interested in reading them, right click on the images and click, "Open in new tab." They will be large enough to read there.

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