Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Verification That Maybe I'm Doing Something Right

Sometimes when I'm writing here, I want to look back at a previous post to reference it. Depending on how old it is, Blogspot can't always find it through the search option. So I'll go search for it in Yahoo with a couple of keywords.

I was doing that a few days ago (I forget what I was looking for), and stumbled across this, a pin on Pinterest of my Easter Bunny basket pattern from 2011. That was, once again, a nice surprise.

And I'm working on another yarn bomb for the area out here, so I decided to check Yahoo to see if there are any known (good, popular, whatever) spots out here for yarn bombing, like if anyone else had left some. I didn't find any info on that (a friend recommended the statues at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens), but I did find this on Pinterest: a photo of one of the mermaids at the Mary D. Prelow Public Library that I bombed. Unfortunately, the original site is long gone.

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