Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dreamed a Recipe Last Night

I don't know where my head was last night when I went to bed, but I dreamed a recipe last night, as if I were testing it. In the dream, I was thinking about starting a hot dog cart (WHAT?) and I had a group of people over last night to try out a new hot dog recipe before I added it to the menu.

Here's that recipe. I'd actually like to make this one of these days.

  • Package of quality beef hot dogs
  • Package of large sub buns (not regular hot dog buns--they won't be large enough)
  • Carolina-style pulled pork BBQ (you can use the prepackaged kind from the grocery store if you don't have access to it straight out of the smoker)
  • Macaroni and cheese (the homemade kind, not the boxed kind, and it needs to be cheesy and moist)
  • Cole slaw (optional)
Prepare the mac and cheese, and make sure the BBQ meat is hot. If you're smoking your own pork, then throw some hot dogs in the smoker too, until they're done. If you're using already prepared BBQ meat, then prepare the hot dogs separately. Don't boil them (you don't want the dogs to be wet in the buns). Take the time to throw them on a grill and get some char on them. Toast the buns.

Once the bun is toasted to your liking, line one side of it with the pulled pork BBQ and macaroni and cheese on the other side. Drop the hot dog into the middle of the bun. You could top it with some cole slaw if you wanted, or just have it on the side.

In the dream, I don't remember how this was received by the people I had helping me test it. It does sound like a weird combination of food, but it's more like an entire meal in one bun and so that's why I really would like to make this in real life. I peeked around the internet a little bit this morning and found some variations of this recipe, so although I don't know where it came from, I know I didn't read it somewhere else.

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