Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Still Around, I Promise

I haven't been writing much, or even creating much, lately. But I promise I am still here and plugging along through life. While my sleeping patterns have been sucking as of late, I'm doing alright.

My husband and I are getting ready to come home for about a week and half, so that we can scatter my mom's remains. My husband is in the military and he wasn't allowed to come home before she passed away. She made us promise we'd wait for her final wishes until we could all be together.

I'm not looking forward to this trip at all. I'm pretty sure that's why my sleep has been all kinds of fucked up lately. I find myself thinking at random times about the last time I saw her alive: she was sitting in her leather recliner in the living room in front of the bay window. I'm pretty sure the recliner is still in the same spot, probably with the blanket I made her, draped over it's back. I wonder how hard it will be to see that recliner, empty like that. The thought of it is gut wrenching and I start getting teary, and a little frantic.

We bought a trailer to bring some of Mom's things home with us. I want her blanket back.

On a better note, the new job is going pretty good. I'm still liking the work and the people, so that's always a plus. :)

And just a quick review of some iron on appliques I recently bought at AC Moore: I picked up some appliques from Horizon Group USA. Don't bother buying these. They suck. They don't stick very well and I'll have to stitch them down in order to get them to stay. You should only have to heat them for 10-15 seconds from the front, and 20-25 seconds from the back, with your iron. Try about three times that amount. I picked up some to cover a few weird stains on a shirt that I love, and I bought more just for fun. While this project should already be done and finished, I have to do some sewing tonight before I can put them away.

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