Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Infused Water

Nicole the Knitter picked up infuser pitchers for both myself and Michelle the Cook from 5 and Below. To get myself started on (hopefully) drinking less pop, I decided to look up infused water on the Internet.

Look, fizzy drinks are my vice. I try to drink diet whenever possible, but sometimes you need the caffeine, the carbonation AND the sugar!

As it turns out, there's actually a site called Infused Water, and it was a good place to start. Really, all you need to do is start throwing fruit into the pitcher and find out what you like. So far, I've done:
--strawberry infused water: so good and takes on a very light pink hue. I let this chill in the frig for almost a day before trying it. It had very good strawberry taste to it.
--kumquat and mandarin orange infused water: it has the lightest orange tint to it. I loaded the tube with the kumquats first and the oranges on top. The water from the top of the pitcher tasted very faintly of orange Vitamin Zero Water, but as I drank it, the water down by the kumquats was very sour orange tasting.
--Granny Smith (green) apple infused water: this water didn't take on any color and really no taste at all. I ended up dumping the apple slices out sooner rather than letting them try to keep on infusing, because they were just turning brown. Maybe if I had peeled the apple instead of just slicing it, the water's taste might have been stronger, but I don't know.

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